Saturday, May 12, 2007

Today as I was putting sealant on the new tile grout in the bathroom...climbing my ladder and stretching all out of shape....I found myself wondering if Michaelangelo had to lie on his back for 4 years to do the Sistine Chapel. How ludicrous! Like there could be any comparison!

This was pretty silly too.... look at the obstacle course I had to navigate just to get my little ladder.

See it waaaaay at the back against the wall? ...... no?.....c'mon, I will clamber over some stuff and then you can ....

.......... see it now?

And, somewhere to the left of all my motorcycle under tarps. Just as well I can't ride right now with this bad foot, or I would be hopping up and down.

Ooooweee, that got me stretched out...just getting to that. My foot definitely didn't like it, bobbing and weaving on uneven surfaces. %^&@

Boy, am I glad it is spring... soon I will be able to tidy and hose down the garage and move a lot of that "stuff" into the shed. In all fairness..we did need most of it during the winter to continue with our bathroom renovation...which we began last June. I guess it is a good thing we have another bathroom to use..... almost a year now.

First coat of sealant is done; tomorrow I will be at it for another few hours... bears, dolls and all the fun stuff is on the back burner for the moment. The guys are coming next week to install the shower glass.... this needs to be finished and well dried. A few weeks more.. ... tub, sink and toilet.... not long now til our beautiful bathroom is finished. Yaaaaaay!!! What a huge job we took on and we are so proud to have done it all ourselves. I know it is not that thrilling to most people...but you who have done some minor renovations know what I am talking about. To see labour intensive...check out the Bathroom album...

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