Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

Hey!  It's Wednesday.... and, I will actually be posting on the correct day.

It's a bit cooler today but only because the sun can't even penetrate the smoke layer.  Golfing was kind of weird.. almost like a thick mist all the time we were out there.  Luckily, I don't seem to be bothered by it .. some of our group seemed to be having a bit of difficulty.

The birds have been around the new little fountain we got for the patio... but, so far I've only seen a brave little chickadee and one Flicker and one crazy crow land on it... this little guy had several sips from one portion of it.  The Flicker was gone before I grabbed my camera.  They all look at it and several fly down and up again without landing...but, this little guy...or gal.... loved it.  Sat there quite a long while and then...turned to look straight at me.

It almost looks like he is drinking from the little waterfall... nope.... just the angle...

Did ya get enough photos yet lady??

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Golfing and Gardening

and, sweating big time with both!

We, like many parts of the world, are having plenty of heat.  Today is supposed to be +37C... great.

It is too hot to bother with anything physical in those temperatures.  As a matter of fact... my ideal temperature for golfing is probably about +15C... some sun and some cloud.  Not the stinking heat of +30C days.... that's downright ridiculous.  Luckily, I don't have to work in it.  I did that for 7 years working in a plywood plant in my youth.  I'm not sure what 112F equates to nowadays ...but, that was usually the temperature in there in the summertime with all the ovens running full tilt.  And, you had to work faster as they had to set the rollers to super fast to get the sheets of veneer out of the ovens quicker when it was that hot.  Or...they caught fire!  Then, it was even hotter ..hhahahah...and, horrible and messy and we used to be totally black with soot and drenched with water and well, it was not a pretty sight...

I feel sorry for anybody who has to be outside in the burning sun on days like this.  And, I feel really bad about any animals... those poor things.  Such suffering ... I cried right out loud upon seeing a picture of cattle swarming a water truck.. couldn't even read the article.  Awful. Absolutely awful.  The poor, poor things.

The birdie bath is kept topped up and I water the gardens and grass almost daily in order to help the little birds... they come to hide out in the shrubs and have a bath or a sip of water all during the day ... the crows seem to have gone away somewhere.  Maybe over near the river in some of the big is pretty quiet crow and magpie wise these days.  The little chickadees, nuthatches, house finches and sparrows are all still around...

Haven't been taking many photos and certainly haven't bothered with this blog... oh, well... the minus numbers will soon be upon us and with 2 feet of snow and -30C ... there definitely won't be any golfing, gardening or anything like that for many I'll get back to it .... maybe......if I am not snowed in and doing too much shovelling.

I already purchased a small Danielle Donaldson art class which begins in September ... painting Bonsai trees... that could be fun.  It was only $38 U.S. .... but that comes out to be over $50 Canadian... damn exchange rates... and our stupid dollar.  Along with our stupid Prime Minister and a few other stupid things.  Honestly, it all makes me not want to read any news at all...just go along in my own little bubble and try to ignore all things stupid, cruel and horrible.  Can only be done for so long though... have to have my head out of the sand every once in awhile.  Bummer.

The flowers are suffering after some major hailstones last week....and now ...a week of extreme heat... but this he was in one of the patio pots... and was so big and beautiful I had to take his picture.

A full 3 1/4 inches across....I measured.  And look at the colours!

This is the golf ball sized hail we had the week previous..... luckily there was also a howling took the stones sideways from north to south and they somehow missed the patio pots that were closest to the house.  Thankfully, the skylight survived as well.... several in nearby neighbourhoods did not.  Apparently it was soooo loud on the houses you couldn't believe it.  I happened to be out of town at the time and didn't even know we got hit til I drove into the neighbourhood... what a mess!!
A branch got smashed on a Dogwood and the backyard pots got whacked...but overall...not too bad really...considering the size of them.  The whole lawn looked like it had dimples too.... big ones.... for hours after the storm.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

You just never know with birds.

What are they doing?  What are they thinking?  Why do they do that?  Are they nuts?

Every year some little sparrows work diligently ... dragging leaves, long stems of grass, and twigs and bits of string and all sorts of things up inside the top boards of a privacy fence in the yard.

I can't decide if it is several nests in there or if it is just one looooong one... the fence is 8 feet wide and they go all along the full length of it.  Maybe a communal  nest? Who knows.  All I know is... they work at it...then, work stops...and all of a sudden there seems to be no interest in it anymore.  Nobody comes and babies show up or anything.... hmmmm... what the heck is happening?

I pull out handfuls of stuff later in the season..or sometimes I try to do it as they are dragging in "stuff" to dissuade them..... nothing works.  We always say we are going to put in some blocks between each upright but, we never seem to get around to doing it and it begins again mid summer each year.  They are at the stage where they have sort of slowed down and are not so excited about dragging in any more material now.....

Look at this little guy...his leaf is bigger than he is.

He noticed me moving in the window...and took a running start with his prize, whatever it is ... can almost see the soles of his little feet...hahahhaha...

See the tail feathers?  They jump and climb up inside there .... it's crazy... they come out looking all wonky and their feathers are standing up on is a pretty tight fit.  A throttled " 'and brush" as my Mum used to say.

Missus Limpy sits on the patio wall...just watching,.. wondering what they are up to.
Oh, and that's another myth bashed.... crows do not keep the little birds from your yard.  As a matter of fact... the sparrows and others steal the seeds or crumbs right off the garden stone that is the "crow platter"... every time the crows step more than 2 feet from it.  Crows don't scare anybody......

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

Red Polls.

It's been awhile now since these photos were taken...but, I didn't want to just archive them and forget about them...

These little guys are so cute with their little red caps.  They only come around in the wintery days... and, come in little groups and hang out for some hours.. or even days.  Flitting in and out to get some seeds.

It says they are members of the Finch family...but they have tiny "seed eating" beaks.

Here is a Male House Finch sitting on the feeder with the little can see a huge beak in comparison.

These two are a different type ...   Hoary Red Polls I think because they are more white overall... especially whitish rumps ... smaller chin patch...

I like this one with the little guy coning in for a landing with his "wheels" up....

I'm thinking mainly Common Red Polls in this photo....but, I am not altogether sure.  Some females and some males...

I'm calling this a Mister....

and this is the Missus.....

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday

Finally I am almost back in the land of the living... coughing and blowing and my head still feels like a giant puffball... can't hear properly and can't smell a darn thing.  It's so easy not to bother eating when you can't smell anything interesting ...  lost several pounds.

That could be weight loss suggestion # 347... put a clothes peg on your nose.... if you can't smell it you can't taste don't bother.  Perfect solution.

Haven't done much of anything ... zero energy and zero desire.... you know if I'm not baking or taking photos I am damn good and sick.

Today was the first day in two full weeks that I even wondered where my camera was.  Found it.

Managed to clean out the birdie bath... my crippled crow Mr. Limpy was the first to have a bath.  Then, a cute little Mr. Chirpy..aka House Finch showed up.  I didn't have time or inclination to take off the window screen..but, managed to click a few good ones of him splashing about.  I intentionally tried for the "action" shots.  Forget the ones where he was just standing there...although I did take a few for identification purposes later... and, missed the last one altogether as he flew straight off out of the water instead of the usual jump onto the rim to check things out.  The frame was empty.

Love the little 'stop action' looks at him and his bathing antics .... and such a sweet, dripping wet, little guy he was too.

Any suggestions as to how I can get larger photos in my blog?
You will have to click on to enlarge until I can figure out if it is possible.

Thanks to Betty Crow ...these are now larger...yaaaayyyy    silly simple too.  However I did also have to make the page wider and somehow I managed to do that....yaaay me again.!   Somehow got my head around it all.

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