Wednesday, January 30, 2019

There's an "app" for that...

... and....... if there isn' the very least there is a video on Youtube...for almost every darn thing you will ever need to know or try.

Why didn't I think of it?

Lin, a blog buddy, thought of it.  She found one for me.  Hah!  I can now put on my own bra.  Woohooo.  Maybe wouldn't have been able to do it the first few days because my thumb was too compromised to even give it a try.....  but today, it doesn't hurt as much when I touch it so, I did give this a try.  Success!

This gal also has other youtube videos if anybody reading this needs advice or info on the same stuff. And if you just look up how to do things one handed...there are dozens of vids on all sorts of things.  I'll be over there for hours now... but hey... not much else to do right away.  Supper spices to get assembled soon though.....

I'm off to look up flossing a bridge one handed.  For an ex dental's crucial.

I'm totally ticked that my new shiny weights ... the "something shiny" my sweet Mr BV got me for Christmas.  AND..the exact something shiny I wanted too are not being put to full use.

Just sitting there in the brand new rack.   Can't do much with 'em. ...but I did already figure out that I can still do my squats for strengthening my bad knee joint by putting one heavy guy in a pack and wearing the pack to do squats.  Perfect.  It's easier to put on than a bra, but a helluva lot heavier and a bit awkward.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The things you can do with one hand....

...........well, guess what? certainly can do a lot of things with only one hand.

They are mostly the mundane and necessary of things...and they all take at least twice as long to do as they would if you had a second hand ...but can be done.

Loading and unloading the dishwasher, laundry, making a cup of tea, toast (if somebody has cut a slice of bread for me, cuz I can't cut bread without trashing the loaf with my cast trying to hold it down), hunt and peck typing, dressing myself if I wear things I can pull on with one hand...and...I actually managed to wash my own hair yesterday.  Somebody tried to channel his inner hairdresser to help blow it dry, but he was having a bit too much fun for my liking and I had to confiscate the blower...just aimed it at my hair, got it sort of dry and called it good enough.

Flossing is a bitch.  Yes Mr. BV got me some of those little floss wands to use... but how on earth can I get under my bridge at the back of my mouth?  Somebody needs to invent something............ I have been trying not to hurt myself too much struggling to do that one at least every two days.  Hopefully it will not make me yelp out loud soon when I try to use a couple of those fingers.  Surely it will settle down soon.

Fastening a bra is also pretty much impossible....undoing one is easy..not so the other way.  Where are bra-t-shirts?  We used to have bra dresses in the old days....they were good.  Remember those?  I had a couple and I loved them.  Although they did have zippers so I guess that wouldn't work either.  Unless the zippers were in the front..hey!! a bustier might work under a t-shirt.. maybe that's what I should get.

Your good arm shoulder does tire after trying to do too much but your injured arm and hand have already been aching for ages anyway, so it is a good time to stop and lie down with the injured wrist up on a pillow.  It seems to swell a bit every so often too and is very uncomfortable..feels like the cast is squeezing the poor arm from elbow to fingers.

An ice pack on the cast does seem to help a bit.  The coolness goes through I guess.  Add an Ibuprofen and things feel sort of okay in about an hour.

It's time to go do that now......

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Now there will be blog visiting

....but maybe not too much blogging.........

Not that there has been much lately anyway.

But now, it is hunt and peck with one good hand.

This the other..................


yup... as careful as I am, and, in winter in Canada, we do all try a lot harder to avoid slippery surfaces .....I still blew it.  My feet went out from under me in a nano second.   I was flat on my ass with my left hand on the ground.  Even with my lynx-like reflexes I was down.  Couldn't make the hand move at all... knew it was broken right away.   Walked home the block from the mailbox swearing at the top of my lungs and crying in between.   Not even from the pain...more from total anger at the knowledge ...

...of what's to come.

Six weeks in a cast ...see how the several broken bones heal...then a splint for more time and then re-hab........I am NOT a happy camper!!!