Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Absentee blogger...

I've been absent a long time.... everything's changed.... darn it.  I'm just olde fashioned enough to want the things I'm used to using.

The guys are still on the windowsill... Bernie sometimes gets the 'blurs'... kind of like me... blurry eyes .. I know... it sounds like it should be "Bernie gets the blues".  but, no.. this is different.  His eyes get blurry watching for kids to walk past so he can wave at them. 
This is what he saw the other day.. and wondered why there was another bear just like him outside in the tree..well, it looked like he was in the tree to Bernie....

    Sometimes he gets tired of sitting there being a good boy and ..well, he gets into mischief.
Like today... when he found a cowboy hat and decided to ride Dude, our little dog that is made of pieces of tree....we got him at a farmer's market years ago.  Poor Dude... didn't have a clue what Bernie expected him to do ... sitting up there yelling "giddyup" .. "yeeehawww... let's go little bronc" ..   Dude just stood there.