Friday, September 28, 2007

Found her!!

Well, in actuality, I found two "hers". I was originally looking for Katy Keene when I happened on the other paper doll blog .... because she was my pin up paper doll as a kid. I had mentioned her on a few occasions and absolutely nobody had ever heard of her! How can that be? I was sure she was not a figment of my vivid imagination, so I went searching. I can't understand why, in the past, when I searched, I could find nothing about her ..... but this time ... hahahha ... found plenty. This time I Googled her; and, here she is!

Miss Katy Keene .... we used to buy comic books with her in and cut them up... there were also some uncolured outfits for her, which we did to our own tastes ... and we even designed more outfits for her from our imagination. I haven't a clue what I really did with her except walk her around on the kitchen table as though it were a fashion runway .... wearing "my" creations.

So, then on my bloghopping ... and I admit I went searching, because it bugs me that I found something once and can't find it again! Yes .. it does! The other night, I was on a paper crafting type blog, because I also like to do things with pretty papers ... .... and noticed in the sidebar list of blogs that 3 appeared in a different colour font. Hmmm.. never really noticed that before. Okay, so learned something else ... I must be a bit slow with the 'puter end of things. Well, I am and I freely admit it. so, anyway, back to my story .... I clicked on one and recognized it immediately as a site I had looked at previously. So, went back to the blog again and visited another called Georgia Peachez
Instantly recognized it as the one I was searching for. Hah! Don't ya love when it all falls into place? Even if it is just a bit of blog sleuthing. Check out all the little dresses they made.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here's looking at you kid.....

I love to draw eyes ..... not that I am any good at drawing .... but I do love eyes for some reason.

Anyway.... I am looking for something. Am putting out an APB here. I know that you are out there people....and I need some help.

Two days ago I stumbled onto a blog from some other blog. I am like a frog ..... what am I saying? I am a frog. A blogfrog. LOL. I often go to a blog; see the blog list they visit; pick an interesting looking name and go to that one also ... and on ...and on ... til I have absolutely no clue how I found something I thought was interesting. Sometimes I am clever enough to remember to Bookmark the page ... but mostly..... not. I often think I will easily be able to find my way back there as I usually visit several fav blogs from time to time to catch up...and expect the "found" blog to be visible...... but, again....NOT! Darn it. sleuths out there? I stumbled upon a blog that was a crafter, of course.... and she had been making these nifty little outfits from scraps of fabric...but were kind of like little outfits for paper dolls. I think she was making them for a swap but can't remember for sure... her first one was a little pink and black creation... then she said she had no inspiration for a pulled out some old patterns...and she had made a great little collection emulating the pic on the cover of each. I wanted to find my way back to her blog.....waaahhhhh no luck yet. Any of you been to this particular blog and remember the post? Anybody ????

Monday, September 24, 2007

Well, it is definitely not May today! Last night we had what I call the first "real" frost. I mean it was down on the ground .... frost on the pumpkin, so to speak .... not just on the roof tops. We have had some on the roofs for several days .... but this ... is more or less the real thing. Guess we know what's next...but I ain't sayin' ....

I love when the Golden Flame Spirea turn ... some fresh pale golden leaves amongst the old, but still green ... and the burnt orange, pale and deep burgundy...

Awww, look. This is MY garden gnome. I call him Gardener. Looks like he is telling me it is almost time to bring him in for hibernation. Yesterday, he was in the front garden. Today he is in the backyard. I hope whoever is playing musical gnomes with him doesn't drop him ... 'specially on their foot .... he is cement and heavy .... about 50 lbs.!

The trees are in various stages of colour .... and against a crystal clear blue sky... beautiful.

Ooops... this is not the recipe blog ... hhahah ... okay, just messing with ya! but .. it won't be long before we will be thinking of hearty grain breads and steaming bowls of home made soup will it? Actually, I confess ... I did not bake this delicious loaf. It is Pecan Raisin Muesli and I love it. Get it from a little shop in a little shopping centre about 2 minutes from my house. Absolutely yummy, especially toasted.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mayday Madness !!

Not "May" day as in it being spring or anything ... as a matter of fact it is just the opposite. But, these are the last few days when the robins are going crazy in the Mayday tree. The berries are fully ripe now and they absolutely MUST get every single one off there before they head south. I think it is some kind of robin karmic law. They just know they must .... and quickly. They are so silly that I have to close blinds and curtains to protect them from themselves. Either they can't see properly or are just plain goofy from berry nectar. They are totally giddy .... I think they are actually drunk! There is one lurching around on the shed roof right now ...... then he just sits there for a while... trying to decide if he can make it to the tree from the shed .... makes an attempt.. swoops down too low and does about a 4 point landing on the lawn..under the tree. Then, ... tries to make it look like he did it on purpose and staggers around on the ground checking for dropped berries. There are robins swooping and diving in all directions ... barely avoiding mid air collisions ... last second pull-ups before they hit the windows or the house... it is deadly out there today. The van and the sides of the house are showing definite signs of some over indulgence on fruit!! They are making a right royal mess.

wow..... where did my week go? Got plenty done, as was my plan ... but come on .... it is over already? I did a lot of baking which I really wanted to do. Stole this pic from my recipe blog; Chocolate Date Loaf. Oh, YUM! made a second one yesterday. This is a great recipe that you should definitely give a try.

Here are some of the pics of little things I "challenged" myself with while making my Lotus lady.

After cutting some polyester "silk" off my chunk ... I noticed the frayed edge ... and thought ... why not?.... so I rolled it up with the frayed edge out and stitched it together and voila ... a beautiful little fluffy pom for her neck area. Adds a bit more interest to the neckline along with the gauzy rolled ribbon into which I laced some gold threads ... and the organza covered silk of her undergarment.

This stuff frays too.... so I was playing with my new machine ... which I know nothing about yet ... ( I am still waiting for the shop to set up my 18 hours of free lessons that came with it ) and did managed to get a ziggy zag working .... hahahha ..... after stitching my little tube of gold ... I even zigged it to keep it together nicely. Then just like the colour tube of brocade for the collar and front detail ..... I turned it with a safety pin. Mom showed me how to do that when I was about 12 and she was hand stitching our skating costumes ... with spaghetti straps. Thanks Mom.

I wanted to line the bottom of the hem with some "silk" that matched the collar area so it would draw the colours together ... but it was wrinkling and creasing .. so I made a tube and then lightly stuffed it so it is a bit puffy and kinda cute .... then attached it by hand.

Then .... the selvedge of the turquoise had a band of solid colour.... I definitely wanted to use that for the edge of the cuff of the sleeve. I couldn't quite figure out how to make a cuff, and the inside of the sleeve was too messy and fraying of course, at the seam allowance ... couldn't leave it visible .... so... I just added my own version later. Stitched on a strip with edges turned under; stitched it down along the edge of the selvedge and managed to capture a strip of the golden silk in there too, then made a tube for a sleeve. Pretty pleased with myself on that one .... lol ....

I think it looks just like I almost knew what I was
doing .... hahahah, but I may be slightly prejudiced.

Here is my little Lotus slipper. I used some black fabric that quite honestly looks very smooth in real life but the camera sees a heavy grain. Wish my eyes were that great! I have not done much embroidery for years...but loved making my own little flowers and design .... again I owe it to my Mom ... she used to sit for hours and embroider with us kids.

As a matter of fact .... here is a little gift I made for her when I was about 12 to 14 ...

P.S... I am a bit disappointed that my Lotus Lady did not manage to place in the challenge ...... but, c'est la vie. You may see the entries on the Doll Street site .. but to this date, they have not posted the list of winners or their placement in the scheme of the whole thing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey...looka that!

I managed to get my Flickr "badge" over here...hahahhahahah .... only took all day.

Honestly, some days I wonder how the heck I ever managed to get this blog up and running.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ta Daaaa !!...

Finally! Man, am I slow or what? Plus ... as usual, I procrastinate a bit ... okay, more than just a bit ... and then ... before I know it... down to the final few weeks...and then all of a sudden there is just tooooo much to do at the end. I don't want to see any beads, fraying fabric or invisible stitching for a long time. Oh, alright, I will just give my head and eyes a rest and I will be looking for another project in a week. But...for the time being, I just want to bake, clean and do some lovely mundane things.....aahhhhhh ...........

So... no more yakking...this is my doll for the Song of the Lotus Challenge at Doll Street. is the deadline. You can see the other entries here.

This is the size of her hands so you can see how teeny the little Lotus slippers are.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

...... sneak peek.......

My eyes are too tired to do any more tonight .... my Lotus Lady is almost done .... here are the teensy little shoes I embroidered today...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This stuff is terrible to work with .... it frays .......

Saturday, September 8, 2007

No time for postings now that I am busy trying to finish up Lotus Lady ......and I think I have become snub nosed from a week of keeping it firmly against the doll making grindstone. I know there were many hours and, yes, even days when I could have spent more time on her during the past two months. would I do that? Here I am again.... down to the last week of time. Although..having said that, I am glad that I did not just whip up some clothing during the first few weeks or I would not have had the great ideas I now have swirling 'round in my head. It is only in the last two days that it is really beginning to come together and I am able to "see" how I want her to look. Now... can I take it from in there to out here and make her as I imagine her?

At least her body now has arms and legs....her head is well secured....

I am using paper towels for draping and making patterns for clothing.

Still deciding on trims, complementing colours, fabric for shoes etc ... .... It is great to look through all the lovely trims, ribbons and other goodies .... I always forget what I actually do have in between dolls.

May I also say that those shelves are not "bowed" like they look in the photo ... those are sturdy shelves and those boxes are pretty lightweight.

Here is an idea for 66 metres of beautiful Indian ribbon .... have fun untangling it and then..roll it onto a paper towel roll ..... keeps it nice and tidy.

'nighty night...........zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, September 3, 2007

It's Monday ... already!

ahem....well, now it is Tuesday! arrgghhh........ how time flies when you are having fun ... or even when you're just busy doing whatever!

... the mini Dahlia

and Portulaca surrounded by a Million Bells

The weekend was a total loss doll-wise ...but. ... got some window washing and frame painting accomplished. That was imperative as the wood on the lower sill was begging for some help.

Lotus Doll is not nearly done ... but hopefully she will be by the Sept. 14 deadline. Still working on how to pose her... getting legs the right size for her body.... etc. I always seem to be flying by the seat of my pants with designing anything of my own. Actually, even when I use a pattern, it seems I tend to do that. I always want to change things and then of course, don't really know what I am doing with most of it, so it is a bit of a guessing game. Also, I like my dolls to be sort of slim looking and tall enough not to appear "squat" once I dress them. So.. it does take a bit of fiddling to get it right. I prolly mentioned somewhere along the way, I am painfully slow at bears and dolls. Well ... I have decided I must be pretty "picky" .. but I have to do things a certain way and therefore... it takes me a long time. I love to play with pretty trims too ... so..lots of time choosing just the right colours, textures, shapes, etc...for final adornment. What can a person is just the way I am. Popeye's favourite...I am what I am... or is it, I yam what I yam?

Here is a beauty from the Chiu Chow opera cast....if only I could make a doll as beautiful as she........

I have been taking plenty of pics too, because I want to eventually show the progression of how I made her. The funny thing is that I wanted to do a bit on finger turning, but Judy Wellnitz beat me to it just last week little blurb will not offer any more than Judi said or did because her video said it all......but sometimes even a few more pics can help somebody. My hands are ultra tiny compared to the ones she I will also include some extra encouragement...hahhaha..... or maybe just some new swear words.

I checked on the site for colours that have been used for the Lotus entries so far and even though there are only two...they are both red. I, too, initially bought some beautiful red and gold brocade...but when I saw that ... well, I went right out and looked for a different colour. colours are turquoise and gold ~~~ the least I can do is add a bit to the artful showing of the entries by offering my lady in a different colour.