Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Primrose Donkey Sanctuary

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you know I support this little Sanctuary...and, that I love donkeys.

That is Sheila over there on the sidebar.

When it gets around to this time of year I know horse and donkey people are looking for some decent hay to feed their animals.  It's usually the time of year I send Sheila some $$$ to help out seeing as I can't be there in person to volunteer.  She is at the opposite end of the country.  Darn it.

You just never know who is out there and looking.. or where they live ... maybe they'll even be close enough to Primrose and Sheila to visit or volunteer some time.

They are hoping to eventually purchase some adjacent land to add to her small acreage... (and, you know how much that costs!!!)

She just doesn't have enough area anymore and, yet, they will never turn away an animal that needs a home.  They want to bale some of their own hay in order to make feeding the animals easier.

Please take a look at this little video ... and, if you can help ... I hope you will.

You can check out more videos from the Primrose Sanctuary on Youtube if you want to see more donkeys...


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Makin' a dolly...

Haven't done a doll since ..uhm....I forget how long ago, but a long time.  Since Madame Pompadour.   Remember her?  She took a lot out of me I guess.  Was it 2009?  Must look back sometime to check.
Wow....time flies.  Even if you aren't always having fun.

Anyway.... this is Alice in Steampunkland.  She looks like fun .. and, the pattern has a ton of great info to help get her looking good...

Here she is so far.... please don't judge yet..... there are a lot more steps to getting her face just how I want it.  And, if it doesn't please me, there will be other faces......... until I get it right.

Oooooh.... and, here is the really cute part...there is a bunny.   Can't wait to begin sculpting him.

Here is Alice when she is completed.... I hope mine eventually has a hint of a little smile..as this one does......hmmmm..... must continue working on those lips.........

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big, burly, super fit and ultra strong....

Does 'woman' ever come to mind when you say those words?


And, 'woman' doesn't come to my mind at all when talking about hunky firemen either.

But, this morning, all anybody is talking about is sexist behavior in fire halls and of course, then it goes on to hiring practices regarding women in non traditional occupations,  etc... all to do with some female firefighter's complaints of her supervisor making certain remarks to her.  Big deal.  Sexist behaviour is everywhere.  If you are a woman or a man, get used to it.. learn to deal with it or figure out how to get around it or quash it.  Yourself.  Why complain to anybody who will listen?  Whiners never prosper.

First, if you are considering applying for a position in male dominated areas... make sure you can do the job.  Physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Second, get used to the fact that you will be badgered, or belittled, or worse, every step of the way and then perhaps, reconsider.  Or.... figure it out.  Yourself.  If you can't do all of the above...don't bother applying.  And, besides that...if you want to be a fireman, be big, strong, burly and able to lift a 200 lb dead weight, unconscious man, and, get him and yourself out of a burning building without batting any of your eyelashes.  Which, by the way, you won't have after your first fire.

Get real.  Who really needs to do every single male dominated job in the world?  Maybe we should actually leave a couple bastions of male dominance.  I definitely want a big, strong, ultra fit fire'man' rescuing me if my house is on fire and I am incapacitated.  Even a 100 lb. woman is more than most people can lift, male or female.  I don't give a damn about gender equality.  And, I sure as hell don't want some token woman firefighter showing up asking me if I can walk when my legs are broken....no thanks.  If you can physically beat out male counterparts for a physically challenging job...good on ya.... but that's the only criteria I want followed in some occupations.   Of course, that's only my personal opinion... and, I'm entitled to it.

I've worked in male dominated occupations.  Long before modern day so-called liberation.  Back in the 60's we did it to make a dollar more per hour.  End of story.  Oh, just a minute it isn't.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Free Range Children

What a great sign!

These people have several children....who are busy riding bikes and tricycles in and out of these gates.  Luckily they open onto the alleyway...

When I first saw the sign I immediately read "chickens" instead of children and wondered if chickens were legal in our area.  Just for a nano second  of course...but, I guess that was the plan.  To get our attention.... and I thought it cute and clever, so of course, it ends up on here....why not?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

and, then......it snowed.

My 'Christmas Cactus'..   which has bloomed on all sorts of days including American Thanksgiving... and, on Hallowe'en.... this year bloomed even a week earlier....it must have known something.

It's winter.... because the following Monday.....it snowed!

 The birdies were not best pleased.

I must dig out my heated birdie bath...and quick!

The snapdragons were still blooming away.... I must admit it was waaaay past the time when I would have expected it.  I just couldn't make myself pull them out when they continued to sprout flowers.

I've been looking at paper 'thingies' .......from older Paper, Cloth, Scissors mags......
look at the cute little purses....
No clue what I'm doing, but I'm trying a couple.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I wanted to post a bird photo

.... for the group I used to visit and hang out with .. at Paying Ready Attention.... remember Wild Bird Wednesday? ..

The sun was so pretty this morning very early...and, I tried for a chickadee against that backdrop.  They were so busy flitting in and out of the lilac branches ... I couldn't catch up at all...

This is my reward for trying.....nothing at all really.... little buggers....

I must be totally out of practice.

Aha!!!   finally, something that worked out!  Lemon squares!  hahhahahha........ I'm already practising for the festive season.  MMM.....  these are yummy......

Click to biggify and feel your mouth watering ..... slluurrppp......

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Why I can't just add something small here and there escapes me.  Some days it just won't happen...
The ribs are getting better...but still not as good as I'd like them to be.

I've been having some laser treatments on my elbow...and hoping it responds as well as the other elbow did back in 2013 ... what a walking disaster eh?  My neck is killing me...hahahhahahha oh, brother ... I don't dare ask what next?

Been working in the yard trying to get things ready for winter..and, baby sitting cement finishers in the garage.. had the floor repaired and epoxied... is that a word? Epoxy put on the top of the repaired cement.  Hopefully now there won't be any more chunks of cement pulled up by the overhead doors when they get frozen to the floor on cold days.  They are a'comin'.... although, right now the weather is better than a lot of days in the summer... and just slightly cooler ..which would be great for golfing....but, the courses are readying for winter too and leaves are all over the place now... can't find the balls when they go off the fairway. They are aerating, spreading sand on greens, etc... kind of not worth the effort now.

I don't even want to pull out the potted flowers and plants...they still look great... but, it is a matter of  maybe a couple weeks now till it gets cold....I'm leaving the good ones til the last minute..but, cutting back the daisies, the lilies etc.... we had to cut the Hawthorn down too... Fire blight for the third time.  I give up.  Maybe a crabapple there instead.  And after the high winds of the last few days picking up a million (I kid you not!!) little teeny cones from the neighbours two big, old, dirty spruce trees.  If they'd water them a bit they'd be a lot healthier and not produce so many of the silly things....but, they won't water and they won't take them down.  Go figure.

Look at the late blooming Bacopa ...and, the beautiful Lobelia...it lasted all season.  First year for that.  Lovely.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Little book

More like a booklet really ...it is just several pages.  With samples of my work to remind me of how I did certain things or things I want to try at some future point.

Anyway... here are a few of my pages.

Variegated embroidery thread.

I moved the white on white embroidery to a page with a bit of colour.   I wrote myself notes as you can see...for down the road when I'm sure to forget what things were.
Some day I want to do a pincushion with yellows and ruffles .. I still have some of the fragile silk hanky..just waiting to be used.......

The pale pink flower pounded fabric below is pretty but it never did become quite what I envisioned when I tried to piece it together so cut it into smaller pieces and have used it in my book.

I did a pincushion in taupes with a bit of another piece of flower pounded fabric and love it... I wish this one had worked out as well....but, it didn't and now...I'm just happy it's still good for something.

Wanted to show you my other flower pounding piece if you haven't see it before.  I posted it a while back. Lovely Olde Worlde tatting cut off a beautiful vintage hanky that I bought at a doll and bear show...for only pennies...I almost felt guilty.  I managed to buy 4 lovely hankies that day.  Thanks to that wonderful lady whoever she was.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

doing something...

.... almost anything to stay busy ... I have things on my mind that are happening this coming week and not looking forward to them... plus the ribs are holding me back .. so I'm just "doing" ....

I decided to make some little books in the style of Karen Ruane...

Putting some of my stitchery samples in one for me... they've just been sitting in a pretty box 'til now.

We began a larger ledger in one of her classes ...for doodles, samples and other inspirations, but, I saw that she has been making cute tiny  books... only a few pages really.. so I decided to do one.

What is it they say?  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...... .. hahahaha ... oh, alright ...I'm just a copycat....

Here is a page ...

Lots of various stitches on the first piece .. which is a piece of linen with some sparkly bits on it.. a gift from another member of the first class we took together... thanks Lexxi ... and, the second is a bit of hand made lace that Karen made..and I won in a little giveaway .. to which I added some pink and some white French Knots .. then.. stuck it to some water colour paper and did a bit of paper pricking.                                                                                      

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Almond Biscotti

Yep.... another month has flown.

I'm hanging out close to home because I've managed to break some ribs.....again.  It happened a few years ago as well.  Then, I leaned into a woodbox .. putting a fair bit of weight on them.  It hurt like hell when it happened ..but, like an idiot I also turned to my left and reached in again... also doing the other side.

This time, hardly any weight at all (barely leaning) on a spindly clothes drying rack...whilst trying to peer behind it into the water softener to check the salt level.  Yikes!  It felt like getting stabbed with a hot poker.  What an idiot.  There was a lot of swearing and then some crying.  Then, just being totally p.o'd.  How disappointing it is to realize I am in such a fragile way;  I've always thought of myself as 'sturdy' or physically fit even if I am a smallish person.   But, a few years ago I even gave up my motorcycle when I found out I have full blown osteoporosis.  Can't afford to get knocked off or fall off one of those if I can't even lean on something without breaking parts of me.  Let's just say...it's bloody annoying.

Anyway.... onward.  I've been baking.  My usual fall back in so many situations.  I love baking.  And at my speed it is not too strenuous.
I can't lift out my mixer...but, Mister BV moved it onto the counter and I'm leaving it there.  For as long as it takes for me to be able to lift it once again.  It was only a week ago today that I did the stupid thing...so I have several weeks of not being able to do much.  Laughing, coughing, sneezing or any quick movements are shocking to the area...to say the least.   Getting in and out of bed is agony.  Turning over in the night wakes me up with a start.  Okay... backtracking...hahhahah...oh, don't laugh...it hurts!

These are lovely and rustic looking.  In my biscotti making over the years I've gone from wanting them to look pristine to loving the rustic, home made appearance of biscotti like these.

On my Tea and Scones blog I have more pics and the link to Nonna Pia ... (what a little sweetie) ...actually, I'll link this up as well.  She makes very soft dough.... which is the furthest thing from what most recipes make up.  She spoons it out onto the parchment paper.  Seemed so strange when I first tried it because I usually have a lump of fairly dry dough that doesn't even stick to my hands while forming the 'logs' for the first bake.

My first few test bake recipes are in preparation for ...............wait for it................................did you guess?  ..   and I'm not the first this week to be talking about it......... Christmas!

Yeh, I know.  Too early.  But, it isn't.  That's what happens isn't it?  We are still trying to have our summer fun... then, it's fall and other things happen, and, all of a sudden, whammo!  It's the festive season and we are behind the eight ball already.  Not this year.  I'm getting a jump on recipes and then, I'm going to get busy with some crafting stuff.  Yep.  This year I'm gonna be ready.

Hahahahhahahhaha..... oh, brother that really hurt.  Silly me.  I say that every year and it never happens.  But, also, having said that ...I don't have too much to do at the festive season except baking and some little crafty stuff.  Buying gifts went the way of the Dodo years ago.... when postage and bus fares went sky high.  Our families agreed to buy ourselves gifts instead.... or not.  How much does a person need anyway?  We usually spend our money on things for the house.   Luckily, this year we are not renovating....wooohoooooo ........

So, after all of those paragraphs of twaddle, how do you like my rustic, crunchy, Almond-y biscotti?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Look at that will ya?

More than a month has passed since I last posted.

Oh, well.... it's summer.  We don't get that many months of summer up here north of the 49th.... so we make the most of it.

Golfing, gardening, hanging out on the patio sipping a cold beer .. admiring the fruits of our labour ...etc... you know how it goes.  The lawn is the best its been in years..in spite of those pesky voles having made hundreds of trails all over the one side ..it grew in beautifully.  Kind of like they aerated it I guess.  You'd never know they'd spent the winter wrecking things under the snow banks.

My pots are beautiful... a riot of colour this year.  I particularly love the 'million bells' flowers (Calibrachoa)  ...  they just keep on blooming all summer.  I always have yellows and pinks ... and purples ...  and even the odd orange just to get my own attention.  I don't even like the colour orange ..but, some oranges are nicer than others...and, for some silly reason, I like how orange and pink flowers look side by side.

After my visit to my sister's "fat farm"... there was no Mr. Limpy when we got back.  Nobody fed him while I was away ... and I guess he moved on to greener pastures.  Like the clubhouse at the nearby golf course.  I was there one day and a whole family of crows was perched on trees and signposts "cawing" for a handout...hahahhah...I laughed and tossed a few bits of my peanut butter sandwich in the air.  I scared one off the post... must not be my guys...my crows wouldn't be afraid of me.  I did try to call out to Limpy just to see if one of them was him...but, no limpy guy hopped down to greet me.

This is the last time I saw him .. through the window... having some fun in the birdie bath all by himself.

And, this is the last one I have of Missus..... giving me the 'come hither' look ... there is just something about her.........

We had a huge storm last Wednesday and I saw my first funnel cloud.  It gave me goose bumps.  I know the folks in Kansas and Oklahama will be saying, "big deal"... but, we don't get that type of weather around here.  Well, not often.  There was a tornado that did touch down several years ago in Edmonton, a city not too far from us ... that did a lot of damage...and a lot of people were killed.  That was a first.

I looked it up on Wiki ... here is what happened.

~~~July 31, 1987 The tornado killed 27 people, injured more than 300 people, destroyed more than 300 homes, and caused more than $332.27 million CAD ($597 million in 2015 dollars[1]) in property damage at four major disaster sites.~~~

Our day was nothing in comparison.  But, on Wednesday, I was coming home along a busy highway and cars were stopping to look  ...and take photos...traffic was doing ridiculous things.  I kept my eyes on all of them and on the clouds too... knowing I could make it home in 8 minutes and feeling as though I would beat it for sure.  Hard to tell how quickly things were moving but it was a fair ways off in the distance.  I did get home just in time to wrestle the big flower pots closer to the house.  I "walked" them by turning them side to side .. cuz I sure can't lift them.   All 8 of them.

Next, I grabbed the camera and stood in the garage with the big door open.  Got a few good ones of the clouds. The lower ones were rotating as it all moved along (just like in the movies) and I was happy it was moving south ... at quite a rate of speed .. not a funnel, but a huge dark bank of clouds... looking pretty ominous....
black as night at 1:00 pm...

then it rained ... next came hail.. then... oh, wow ... huge hailstones!!  And, seeing as folks might think I was exaggerating when I told the story, I took this photo with my tape measure to corroborate things..... no doubt how big it was now!!  I had to wait til it stopped as I didn't want to feel the bash of one of these on the old noggin.  Guess I could have worn a motorcycle helmet...but, what about the rest of my body? .. Didn't risk it.

Areas just outside the city were the hardest hit and crops decimated by the hail ....several houses totally trashed....it did plenty of damage.... and apparently a small tornado touched down just outside the city limits...but, not a lot of damage in that area.

But, today is beautiful.... time to go out and water my pots...... luckily I still have pots to water. !!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Fat Farm

That's what we used to call them.  You know...the "retreats" where you go to lose some weight ...get refreshed and then go back home to your normal routine.  Political correctness decrees that we shouldn't call them that anymore...but, I ain't politically correct...so I call it just that.  The Fat Farm.

This one is my sister's acreage.  We have joked about it being that since the first time I went there and did a lot of physical stuff ...and did come home 5 pounds lighter.  Since then, I don't always manage to lose, but still do a lot of things while I am there ..so at least I am in a bit better shape when I get home ...except last time when I had an infected fingernail area... which had nothing to do with work or even her place.  It was wrecked before I left home ..but,  progressed to the point where I needed antibiotics by the time I got back here. 

This time we picked major weeds, made a new little garden area where we planted pansies given to us by a guy that had accepted the last of her spruce and fir 'baby trees' that she has been trying to get rid of for ...oh....about 8 years.  She bought them in a silent auction.... thought she was only buying a couple... she ended up with a couple of "lots" ... which consisted of plenty.  The total number of trees was well into the many hundreds. This was the last 20 or so .. by now, they had rooted right through the bottom of small pots and straight into the ground.  We had to pull them out by the roots to move them.  some were pretty big ..and heavy........... some even had 3 trees to a huge pot...

On the day before that she had begun to dig around the leaky yard hydrant, which is near the horse waterer and just outside the fencing around Mickey's paddock.  Not much room to work around it as it was situated between the waterer and a fence post, but it had to be replaced.  Digging commenced... but had to be abandoned on the first day...    too hot and it became too late in the day and ...well, one can only do so much in a day.  I forget what else came into play...but it was something..........

Next day the digging continued.  We needed to get down deep enough in our narrow trench to see the bottom of the hydrant pipe and the coupling ... everything was totally rusted and wrecked.  It was a narrow dark space; we were running out of daylight and brought out a trouble light... there were rocks and roots and rootlets everywhere and it was damp and smelly.  I hated having my head in the narrow space..could hardly breathe.  She was the trooper, as usual, and was right down in there with the crowbar.... digging around behind the pipe as well as in front of it.  We had to make enough room that when we took out the old pipe...no dirt would be dislodged and fall into the lower pipe as we tried to carefully place the new one onto the threaded portion.  Once we found the lower drain area we made sure it did drain out a bit ...then, of course, there was also mud..... oh it was great.  
In the end... we got the old one off...  guided the new one into position and tried to lower it into the proper area..... et voila ..... success!  It turned into the threads nicely... we got it tighter.... tested it and it worked perfectly.  A lovely new blue handled yard hydrant.  Woohoo!  I'll just add that to our résumé  ....... along with massage, dental assisting, secretarial skills, .. re-jetting a motorcycle carbureter, baking pies, churning out muffins and cookies, doing landscape rock work, house painting,   etc...  ...  stitching up things (and, in her case, even making clothing and costumes, I don't really sew)   .. worming horses, and all the other stuff that goes with that.. etc, sheeesh.... she's got me well beat in the 'extras' department of any résumé  . ... we can now also claim to be able to replace a frost free yard hydrant.  Hah!  As if anybody would hire a couple of 60s women to do the task.  Not that I want a job.

I'm not going to tell you about the weed eater episode ... suffice to say...some things turn in the opposite direction than you may think... especially when they need to stay in position while operating in the other direction..... nobody was injured in this process as it can't even be turned onto the threads unless you get it right.

So, the upshot of it all is.....I lost 5 pounds!  

Now, off to get some groceries.  The fridge is bare.  

Oh, and.... deer.  These two came down from the top of the property one night when I was on the porch .. sitting quietly.  I'm not sure if they recognized me as a human..or if they were just not afraid...I quietly took several photos and they never did seem nervous.  Finally they moved off back up the hill.  That was fun.
Click on them to see their little faces up closer .... 

As you can tell....they were pretty cheeky and nibbled on every leaf or flower that looked like it could be tasty .... and wandered around the yard at will.  Checking out every single thing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Limp got mad...

..when some darn starling stole one of his crumbs that he dropped while trying to reorganize a beak full to carry off to the babies.
When he got back to the fence and saw it had been stolen, he looked around... muttered something I couldn't quite make out and jumped down into the bird bath where he began vigorously swishing his head back and forth.  This is his usual bath...only the head..  as it is difficult for him to bend his damaged leg I think.  He looked up... stepped on the edge and ... usually he hops right off.  Not this time.  Back he went and really went to town.... he splashed like crazy to get it all out of his system.

I've decided crows are pretty patient.  The starlings make their lives hell... really they do.  They dive bomb them, peck at them in flight and on the ground as well...they steal their crumbs.. they never shut up either with the darn TICK TICKing....... it makes me crazy, but not Limpy and his wife  ... although, he is a bit more patient than his 'missus'.  Sometimes she makes noises and flies at them every so often...but, he just quietly says "awwww".... in his little voice., like ..oh, man..not again......

He has a loud voice when he needs it..but mostly just mutters, or chatters or quietly voices his displeasure and/or opinion.   He talks to me while I garden too... wandering around with his limpy gait... hoping for a few sun flower seeds from time to time.  He doesn't get too close and I don't blame him... who knows how he got injured.  Maybe it was a person who hurt him.

I've been indulging them ..helping them to feed the babies.... but, I've cut back and hope to let them teach the babies not to beg ... he is a good provider (even if he is disabled) and she is a fierce and capable Mom.  I can hear the babies in the tree now..but, they are not out of the nest yet.  Probably won't be long...they say 35 days ... it's been several weeks since they began taking food to the nest.

I'm dreading winter ... I've read that they do migrate.  Ours from Alberta apparently go to Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. How will he fly that far with a damaged wing and leg and whatever else is making him limp and not fly right?

I've even gotten to the point where I wonder if a small doghouse nailed to my fence would work as a winter house for him if he can't go away.   I wonder if he might use it.   Mister BV is wondering if I want it heated and decorated nicely too..... hmmm....

Sometimes I attempt a bit of humour in return...but, it's probably going to end badly for him..... and it's already making me a bit sad to think on it.

Linking up to Stewart's Wild Bird Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Olde Worlde look ...

... I think it looks like something vintage .... and, it does have a bit of actual vintage on it...the tatted edge of a hankie that I bought at the local doll/bear show a month or so ago.  A woman had several silk hankies ..for 25 cents and 50 cents!  I snapped up most of them.

Of course, one does hate to cut into them....but, like Karen says ... why put them in a drawer and forget about them?  Use them on something else .. something that will be seen often.

What about a pin cushion?  Perfect.

The colour on the piece of fabric is flower pounding... using flowers from my garden.  I did it ages ago ...and stuck in in a bag with other fabrics... hahahahah...never to be seen again either really...... looks a bit like watercolour doesn't it?

Pssst... don't tell Karen I showed it publicly without damp stretching it...yikes!! It looks all wrinkly!
Almost as bad as showing your underwear in public....well, ...if you are over 30 that is.

I use my little pin cushions all the time .. some sit behind glass in a curio ... some have been sent away.... they get used and they definitely get looked at. No hankies in hidden places in drawers around here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

They're lovebirds!

My crow couple... they really aren't crows at all.   I caught them sitting in the poplar one evening.... kissing....

I call them Limpy and the Missus most of the time, but sometimes I call her Big Girl..... because she is.  She is big, beautiful and fierce.... she has large feet and sturdy long legs...and seems  so much larger than Limpy.  His legs are pretty skinny and his one wing droops down at what I am calling his shoulder.... poor guy.  But, he does get around pretty well even with is disabilities.

She is amazing on the wing... even a squirrel zigzagging across the street could hardly stay ahead of her.  He zigged, she zigged.... he zagged, she zagged ...   she almost managed to catch his upraised tail...oooohh... they hate squirrels with a passion.  I don't know if squirrels would dare to raid a crow's nest ... but, maybe ...   All I know is ... if they see one, they give chase ..  even if they see one half a block away!  Where was the camera that day.  I would have had to be some kind of speedy to catch any of it!

Limpy is a little less graceful in his attempts to get rid of intruders and interlopers ... this is more his favourite position.  Sitting outside my window ... keeping a beady eye on me. ..

but if anybody comes near "his" food board...or "his" bird bath water.... in "his" yard, he gives awkward flapping, hopping and jumping chase.   Between them, this pair of crows gets rid of Starlings, squirrels, magpies, and small hawks..... in their quest to raise their babies.  I don't mind at all that he keeps other big or annoying birds away.  The little birds don't mind him and his Missus at all.  The sparrows are even cheeky enough to steal his seeds off the board I set out for the crows.  The chickadees don't care about any other birds... they come ..do their thing and go... as they please.

He has become somewhat stronger ... he doesn't use the tree for climbing up to their nest anymore.  He manages to get airborne and onto a neighbouring rooftop...and, from there, up to the nest.   They try to switch with each other so they don't leave the nest unguarded for any length of time.  Unlike the darn robins in the photo below ... they left their nest unguarded .... and, .... oh, no..... Mister Limpy did a BAD, BAD thing!!  He got up to the robin nest and stole an egg.....ohhhhh...I feel bad now...... Here he is ..caught in the act.  Only because I wondered what he was up to sitting on the big plant pot arrangement on the front steps of the neighbour's house and got the camera to check through the zoom lens....... I was shocked to see him do it.  I suppose I shouldn't have been...but, I was.

I'm finking on him and linking up to  Wild Bird Wednesday ....   click on the photo below if you would like to see all sorts of beautiful and interesting birds....