Saturday, July 25, 2020

The rocks in my yard disappeared...

I was pretty disappointed ... who would steal my painted rocks? ..  I walked up the block to check if the two girls had taken them to put with theirs ... sort of as a joke..... but, nope.  Only the two I had placed there for them.  Still there.

Then, much later in the day, I was doing some weeding and... lo and behold...I spied one about 15 feet further up from where it originally was... face down in the garden.   I was even more disappointed... because that meant somebody had thrown it there ..on purpose.  For what reason?  So, of course I searched around for the other two..... finally found one more under the shrub further away yet..up towards the house ..... didn't find the third.

But, then... the following day...I was walking out of the patio and there she was ...face down under the lilac shrub... almost inside the patio...where somebody had tossed her.  That was getting pretty close to the house...and, windows... so, I'm pretty ticked.  I just want to kick somebody in the ass.

Of course it is kids...but, which ones ....and why would they do that?  What have I ever done to them?  Nobody can ever answer those questions...and, if a person ever accuses somebody's kid.... mostly the parents will deny it was their wonderful child.  Our childhood was much different.  If anybody had ever even suggested that we had done something we shouldn't have .... we wouldn't have sat down for a week.  A different world.  Now, I look at all the kids motoring around on scooters and bikes and wonder which of them it was .... I can't really see little girls doing it.... but, who more the boys get the evil eye... hahahah......sure wish I had seen it happen.

I moved the rocks.  Nobody gets to see them in passing now.  I put them inside our patio where only we get to see them.  I could put them out during the day and bring them in at night..but, what a nuisance.

I'll just have to play with flowers and photos.... I love this one of my bleeding hearts.

...   and, the little bear buddies .... they are always up to mischief.

"Maybe we should put it back where we found it".....

Good idea boys............ not a play thing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

I've been painting rocks..

Just small ones.

It's a "thing".  People all over the world are painting rocks and putting them in their yards and gardens.  The two little girls up the block have a pretty big collection of theirs out under a big is pretty colourful
I noticed one of their little signs encouraged people to leave a rock..   Originally the signs read... "take a rock, leave a rock" ...but, I think people just took them and they changed their it reads, "please don't take our rocks... leave yours for others to enjoy".

Here is their garden of rocks...

I decided to paint them a couple of faces to put in their garden. Here are my first attempts... they are like my dolls.  Seems the only thing I can actually draw or paint is a face.  I used my watercolour pencils .... and sprayed them with several coats of a finish spray ... hopefully it will help them to remain intact.  They do have big tree for some protection from the weather maybe they'll be okay.

I tried a little whimsical cat ... doesn't look like much... and, for somer night out in a storm and it was almost trashed  ........oh, well ....... 
So then I tried some wild sunflowers...... it was sort of okay... and, then, another girl.
My husband said, why don't you put some of them in our garden?  Hmmm... now why didn't I think of that?  So..I did a few more ...and, now....we have some in our yard too. 

Here they are on a large rock in our yard....I have since moved them to a darker rock..but, haven't taken a new photo yet.... more for our garden..... a brown eyed girl....                    

But, then......... Bernie decided he had to paint some rocks too.  Although, after his choice of paintbrush size...... his first words were .... "maybe I need a bigger rock""""    yeh.....right .....good one Bernie...