Monday, September 18, 2017

Hedgehogs and hobby rooms....

Finally... beginning to see my desk and can actually get to it without having to leapfrog over rugs, furniture and cushions, etc...

We finished the ceilings in the basement ourselves ..just got the office done two days ago.  Now the computer has gone back down into the office.  Lots of other stuff has moved too.. yaaaayyyy!  Still more stuff and furniture to move yet.... but it's coming along.  Another few days and it should be more or less back to normal in there.  I can hardly wait.

Every so often I get to do a bit of drawing and drop on a bit of watercolour paint ... such fun taking Danielle Donaldson's classes.  Little drawings ... which is perfect ....  seeing as I have no space on the darn table yet...just enough for tiny pieces of watercolour paper and some paint.. oh, and of course, some paint brushes.  All I have is 2 square feet of space right now ...but, it's enough!

Whimsical animals this time around, and I am pretty darn proud of my little hedgehog... which is a totally copied Danielle version of a hedgehog... well, as close to hers as I managed to make him.

Are you ready for soooo cute?  I love my little guy!  What fun it is to see little faces come to life... almost as great as making little bears.