Tuesday, May 8, 2007

still learning... on so many fronts.....

Well, if there is a way to put pictures at the bottom or in between paragraphs... will somebody please help? I can't figure it out and I don't always want them just at the top or the side now do I?

I am taking another on-line doll making class from Judy Skeel ..it is called The Harpy. She is a mythological creature; half woman, half bird.

My first few attempts at a head that is the right "stuffed-ness" for needle sculpting was a dismal failure. You know the scenario....too soft, too hard...finally ... well, okay, it was not quite "just right", but good enough for a first one. By that time I had three heads on the go. My husband dropped the first one from height onto the table and it was a good thud... so a good laugh. Especially since Judy's description was..."it should be somewhat like a hard boiled egg out of the shell". Hmm.... I recall that his words were something like..."this is more like the extra hard boiled egg still in the shell and somebody painted it with about 19 coats of lacquer". Thanks sweetie...

Then I managed to do the needle sculpting; and on with many hours of applying a skin of 100% cotton...not an easy task if you know how little stretch there is in that stuff! There were a lot of Judy's favourite.... French words!! to be totally honest.... the air was blue! And, there was I, almost ready to give up and make a whole new head for her body 'cuz I thought head number 3 was just never going to work. But persevere I did; I am happy to report that is one of my good qualities. Then, on with some painting, forming lips with a special technique... making her look so good I probably will have to use this technique again.

The blue hair is just plopped on for a photo op...but, hey!...I kinda like it.......she may end up a Blue Harpy. It makes her eyes look so vivid.

Today is a day for organizing things after a hectic weekend and at least a full week of not looking at dust etc. Perhaps tomorrow I can get a start on her again...although now, I am thinking about making enough bears for the Bear Fair here in August. It is sooooo true about there not being enough hours....... or days..or weeks.....

Oh, and the other thing about this blogosphere learning curve? First thing I did when I got on here today was blow away my comments... I viewed what was referred to as comments... there was nothing to see..so I happily deleted that post thinking I was so clever for keeping my posting box tidy! Arrrrggghhhh!!! looked back at my main blog page... ....the comments wiped out! I did not mean to do that Judi! I was excited to have a comment on my page! Darn it!!!

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