Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No James Bond martini here....

Mod Podge is kinda like ketchup if you don't keep the top and inside of the lid nice and clean. The lid is a pain to open. I loaned my container to somebody and when I got it back, had to run it under hot water...tap on it like crazy...and finally was able to wrestle it open. What a mess! "Somebody" must have laid it on its side...or even stranger yet....used the James Bond method ......"shaken; not stirred". Here is something that I do with containers that have screw type lids, to make my life easier. The first time I open them...I clean off whatever has accumulated on the inside of the lid... (usually from shipping and handling there is quite a mess already if there is no seal). Then... I put a very light coating of Vaseline on the threads of the jar and also a bit on the threads of the lid. After that... dip and wipe a brush or stir stick with some care... store container in an upright position...and you will never have to curse that lid again. Squeeze bottles are another breed entirely......

A beautiful, brilliantly sunny day out there.... just sipping my coffee, thinking about planting the rest of my annuals... and trying to decide if I should bother to respond to a comment..... naahhhh.... not worth it. ...the comment that is...the annuals will be fun... and then I am making biscotti. I will leave it for the readers to draw their own conclusions.

However, as with everything...I do have some thoughts on the subject.

Everybody reads their own interpretation into every single sentence that we ever write. In our own minds I think we often insert even more between the visible lines of text, or add our own "gut feeling" to some statements. Do we expect readers to understand more than they actually do from what we put on the page in our emails, blogs, forums, digests, comments, etc?? Probably...... And with only written words as a guide, no wonder there are a lot of lost and slighted people out there. There are no specific symbols to properly convey humour..oh, alright, some think the smiley face works...but in reality...some people just don't "get it". Other people are "warped", some appreciate facetiousness and lest we forget...there is "black" and even cynical humour. Humour is not a universal thing.

There is no real way to inject animation or to show genuine concern or keen interest in a other words... one must be so careful when writing, reading or responding to anything and everything.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hahahahhahah....this has gotten waaaaay too serious for me...... it is getting to be no fun at all.... forget it. Read what you want into things.. respond as you choose....... I'm off to plant pansies!!

Have a great day and try not to take something as silly and simple as a blog too seriously people!!

Oh, and here is my sister's idea of virus protection.


Pauline said...

Hello Veronica.

I know what you mean about the bottle lids! Hope you got all the pansies in and they look nice.

ps. Your work is awesome.


Unknown said...

Your dolls are just jaw dropping gorgeous (and you're bears are wonderful too). Love your sister's idea of virus protection. Too funny!

BumbleVee said...

Hiya Pauline and Lisa.... tx for stopping by.

I am glad that you enjoy looking at my dolls and bears... I guess that is why we do them hey? Just so folks can have fun looking ..

Come visit anytime..hope I can get some new things done soon...but ... gardening has been calling this past two days..