Saturday, July 26, 2014


Here is a fun thing.

This past week I've been looking for interesting, fun and just plain old likeable.

I'm sick and tired of the murder, mayhem and misery that is the news these days.  As a matter of fact I had a hideous nightmare three days ago after seeing a particularly horrible thing on our evening news.  Haven't turned the tv on since.  Who needs it?  Not me.  Not this week anyway.  I'll golf, take photos and look at interesting and fun stuff thanks very much.

So, while googling something....I happened on this... looks like some great fun to be had here.  Let's hope a robot is safe in its travels across Canada.  It will rely on the kindness of strangers... in an attempt to hitchhike from Halifax to Victoria.... if it makes it... wow ! ... won't there be some great photos and stories that will come out of it all?

If you have an interest in fun, interesting things too ..check out hitchBOT's home page and journal ... the start of it all should be tomorrow ....


Dolores said...

I too am sick of the sad news of the world. I prefer to sew, start a new online course (or two) and all of that should keep me quite busy.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

That's incredible! I will definitely have to be following along with this. You are so right - I'm so sick and tired of doom and gloom on the tv all the time, along with the constant repeating loops of the reality tv shows. It doesn't seem as thought there are any people that create shows that have any imagination at all.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Vee,
How are you doing?
I have missed you. :(
I was having problems with Google for 7 months and finally my daughter figured what was wrong and I am back blogging! Yay
Then in June had to have colon surgery so I am still on the mend but feeling better.
Having a new camera sometimes isn't too much fun until you get the hang of it! I don't read the little information booklet either. I always try to figure things out on my own. It does feel great when you do! Love the sunflowers and No, I didn't try to smell them! LOL
If you can please visit my blog and see my Geisha tags that I recently made and please leave a comment.
Hugs and talk soon

Lin said...

Oh, that's a cute idea! I'd give it a ride, that's for sure. I wonder if it sings in the car with you???

I'm with you about TV--can't watch it much anymore. It's all so creepy--even the commercials for TV shows scare me. Who is watching this crap?