Monday, December 3, 2007

Thank you all so much .....

What fun that was... almost like having a real party! I was remiss in not setting out the crystal, perhaps some pretty plates, a tea and coffee table...and of course, FOOD! Next time for sure. As a matter of fact... probably in a day or so, as I see there is now a cookie party on the go.

In the next few weeks there will be an abundance of offerings on many of the blogs. Sweet treats, gift wrapping tips and ideas ...decorating hints, and plenty of great pics of everything under the sparkly lights and winter sun.

Greg says he and a friend want to do the draw.. and will be here tomorrow. I will head over to the post office as soon after that as I can write the address on the package.

Tested the new crock pot; then spent a bit of time kicking myself around the block. Ouch..ouch.. honestly, why haven't I had one for years? I tested it with something that has eluded me.... tender, stuffed pork chops. I like to stuff a loin chop every so often, but because they are not marbled with any fat...even when I bake them in some juice for quite a while... they still seem a bit dry and chewy or something. So.. stuffed a couple; browned them slightly to get a bit of colour and flavour going, then placed then in the pot with a few diced tomatoes and a small amount of chicken broth. Hardly any of the broth had evaporated after 4 1/2 hours and those chops were nothing short of amazing! Mmmmmm.... as far as I am concerned, for only $20, that pot as already paid for itself.

On the weekend we went to the local nursery to see the Christmas display of trees, ornaments and greenery.... and ...well, I am not sure if it was because I saw the first one last year and was a bit boggled or if it was not nearly as good as last year. There seemed to be more neon bright plastic "stuff" and cheesy ornaments. Give me some old fashioned glass balls please. The kindly Santa at the top was the only one I liked: I only took his pic, didn't even buy. Actually, it was a cheap shopping trip. Hardly bought anything. 3 huge,... make that gargantuan, pine cones... to use with some other greenery in a bucket.... and some icicles that are similar to others we got a few years ago. Last year we got a taller tree and needed a few more.
Here are two of my Santas that I really like. Where are more like these? These I would buy. Greg was hoping for a few more of the little birdhouses he found last year as well... but nope...nothing.


Judi W. said...

Even better than the crock pot are the new liners that make cleaning them a breeze! I have entirely too much plastic in my drawers now! Talk about lazy. Sheesh. I'm bad.

Those little Santa's are cute! Like the one with winter scene.

Linda Fleming said...

Our santas are darling! I bet your house is looking quite festive.
Aren't crock pots just the best thing ever? I use mine so much- cooking doesn't get much easier than that!