Saturday, December 29, 2007

It isn't over yet !!

I am talking about Christmassy stuff when I say that. ....... and because of Kari and Kijsa.... I decided to do yet another post about cards.

There are just soooo many beautiful cards. No way I can throw them in the garbage. For years I threw some away but just saved others that I really liked, even if only to look at the following years. But .. now...I recycle them in many ways. These are the perfect few days to do it ... sort of some down time between Christmas and the New Year. Look at some of the great cards and decide how to save them instead of chucking them. Even if you don't want them... you may have a friend like me and you could always ask if they want your cards (along with all of the quality wrapping papers they will be tossing out..but that is another post!! ) arrgggh... just not enough typing and picture taking time, along with the "doing". LOL

I use them in my recipe/album binder. I also use portions of them.. embellish or not.. add ribbons, cords..etc..or just place them in the tree too. Or how about making some cute little boxes?

Making little Christmas card boxes has been a fun thing for kids and adults alike .... for such a long time ... that perhaps they will be new to you!
Here is one of my favourites. I display it each year in a sleigh with some of my stuffed bears. Each card yields a different size. They are a perfect size for my tiny needle felted bears.

Even the verse ends up in the proper place on the bottom of the box. If nobody wrote their names too close to it... use it. If they did scribble plenty and you don't want to see it... use a glue stick and place some lightweight paper (any colour you choose..) directly on top of it to hide it and make a pretty bottom half of the box.

Look....even the outside of the bottom looks kinda classy... Carlton card no less. lol

Place a straight edge or ruler from corner to corner lengthwise and make a little pencil mark near the center of the card. You can erase it later.

Then place straight edge on the width portion... corner to corner...and do the same.

In the center you then have a little X. Fold the length towards the center marked by the center of the firmly and run your fingernail or the ruler along the folded edge to crease nicely.

Do the same with the length. Then cut with scissors in as far as the corner made by both folds in all four corners. That will be the depth of the box.

Fold in the corner tabs to meet each other on one end of the box...then fold up the end flap and you will see that the end has a small overlap..just fold it over and crease it well. That holds the corner tabs in position. If it is stiff cardstock.. it will hold its position...but if not.. a bit of glue or double sided tape under it will work. If the picture in the center of fairly large card is all you want..cut off to that. Although there is a size at which it gets too small to be of much use. ...and awkward to work with. Once you have made a will be pretty good at making everything look exactly as you like. Check where on the picture your folds will be so that you know what your finished box will look like. I am sure you will have several cards that are not worth saving... they can be the practice cards for your first efforts.

If the verse portion is messy with writing... but you want to have one. ..... clip one from another card to stick into position.

How I love red cardinals ... the perfect splash of festive colour in a scene of winter white.

This is a portion of a card that will now have some silver, red and other colours and textures added .... for use as a gift tag. Often I like to add a few gift tags or tree decorations in my gift boxes the following year.

This will make a beautiful card to use as a decoration for the tree.

Save all or a portion of any verse you like for use inside other cards you make ... to glue inside a tiny box.. or use on gift tags.... so many uses. glue it onto other card stock or beautiful paper and glue again onto any card or decoration.

My neighbour knows how I love hand made. Her husband works with a lady who makes cards and purchased some boxes of 5 that she had made this year. I was lucky enough to receive this one. The little tree actually has beads inserted into punched out holes for each size... then there is a second tree under the one you see....separated by tiny strips of foam.. to allow part of each bead to sit below the surface. On the surface it appears that each bead is flat and the back side of it inside the tree branches... ... til you check it out much closer.


MightyMom said...

wow great ideas! thanks

nancy said...

I read your comment on Mighty Mom about my definition of pannier. So I came to see your blog. Guess who did a tutorial on the little boxes on her blog about 2 weeks ago. Yeah, me. I think we need to get to know each other! I'll be back to visit again.

BumbleVee said...

tx for stopping by Nancy... I laughed my head off at "pahneeyer" .. that was funny.

if anybody wants to make a Christmas Card box... check out Nancy's description. It is definitely more in depth than mine is!

this is my patch said...

Happy New Year Vee, your little card boxes are lovely, just wish I had the patience like you to make them! x

Linda Fleming said...

Vee, you are so clever with these cards! You have inspired me to start saving cards and see what I can do with them.
Happy New Year, Vee- hope it is full of fun, good health, adventures and creativity for you!

Bear said...

Oh Vee I have saved my pretty Xmas cards for years - now I can do something with them-thank you very much
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxxo