Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No salad...but ...

Scruffy was in and out of that salad bowl all day. Waiting impatiently for Greg to get home.
Every so often he jumped in amongst all the names and stirred them up and then..just sat and waited some more.

Finally at 3:30, "Dad" got home and .... within minutes, the two of then tossed the names and Scruffy made a swipe with his "sticky" hand (I put scotch tape on it) .... and....

here you are ...stuck to Scruffy's mini paw.

the winner is: Folksie Linda .... hey Linda! ... a fellow needle felter, that is funny. Hope you enjoy my little polar bear. I know that you like tiny things just like I do...so he is right up your alley.

This is a two in one post.

Easy way to do a bit of festive decorating for a buffet, coffee, or even a dinner table.

I like to keep some loose greenery and stems in a tote bin just for use at Christmas. You don't have to get too fiddly...don't have to glue and arrange a table centre. Just use a charger plate...place some greens, a bit of colourful fruit, tiny packages..( wrap some tiny boxes or pieces of wood with festive paper, add some string or mini ribbon) ... small ornaments... whatever pleases you. It is so easy to assemble and it tosses back into a back in even less time.

The lovely red bits and pieces are from a wildly scented pot pourri I found the other day. By Christmas..if I leave the bag open..it will have tamed down a bit. Meantime...the whole house smells like Cranapple Pot Pourri.

Place a pretty bowl in the centre and voila .... festive.

That was fun. I want to have another give-away already! Hahahhaha.....thanks again to so many fun people for participating.

Oh, I suppose I should wait a bit. Maybe early in the New Year, when not much is happening?


Vee said...

Gosh, I'm having such trouble commenting on blogs today. Something must be up. I had just given up with yours when I discovered the comment box open after all. Maybe it's me????

Congrats to your winner!

You surely did have a nice lot of traffic and that's a very good thing.

Your easy decorating idea is wonderful...I'm making a list of all these ideas that I'm gathering here and there before I forget them all.

P.S. My goodness! You ARE a fast runner! ;>

Linda Fleming said...

Congratulations the "other Linda"-LOL!

What a pretty centerpiece you created- love it. You are so clever.

I will try the vga setting on my camera- I hadn't thought of that. thanks!

FaeryCrafty said...

Aww that is so cute!! I love your little name picked :D

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Love the charger idea! And I love love love your bears - I can't do what you do , but I make paper "tear-bears" Cme on over and take a look :-) Look at "Tues., Dec. 4th post) and let me know hat you think..

. said...

Oh I just found you. I've got to get in on these giveaways. Denise

Folksie Linda said...

Oh My Gosh Vee!! I can't believe it! Thank you to you and to Scruffy and to hubby too! I am so excited to have won... oh and I needed that today... really made my day...Merry Christmas to me!
Thank you so much my dear friend!
Hugs, Folksie Linda

BumbleVee said...

Hey Linda....

don't forget to give me your address so I can send your little gift.

I emailed you...but perhaps the address from your website is no longer the right one?


email me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Vee. I love it, and it's so simple. I'm gonna borrow that idea for my holiday table this year for sure. :)