Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today was a great day. First thing this a.m. I managed to catch the garbage guys on their route and ran out... hahaha (I mean hopped out there).... with some muffins for them. It feels great to begin the day with ... "tx so much... that's awesome!" They usually sneak by before I ever get up, but today they were doing the route in reverse . Unsung heroes. They are pretty great. They take much more than they are supposed to do for us in this city. Although we are very lucky compared to the next province over... my sister who lives there has to pay for anything over two cans. Some days we have 5 bags of grass clippings and yard stuff as well as our can. A lot of people complain ...but I am always so thankful because they take everything I ever put out. Last week I duct taped and strung a pile of juniper branches that Greg pruned... it was a pile about 2.5 feet high and 2 feet wide... the gal was doing it that day and she grabbed it... and swung it right into the truck... most of it made it. The little fronds that didn't?... she even gathered them up too!

Worked on a new bear... cute design.... oh, I wish I had doubles of all of them! I love them all....don't want to part with any of them unless I have a second one that is just like the prototype or maybe even better in the "cute" or "endearing" department.... silly me. Maybe once I get a huge collection of my own stuff I will feel more like parting with them. Maybe when they over run the place... maybe.... maybe not.....

Tomorrow I am going to meet my "old guys" as I call them to tease them. I usually golf with them every Wednesday of our summer. They have been calling weekly to see if I am ready to get out there. I'll cheer them on at the last hole and then have coffee with them when they finish the round; they can chide me about my foot and have a good laugh at my expense ... the least I can do for the gang. I have known these guys for years ... and used to do massage for one of them .. the eldest of our group at 90 (on the right side of the pic) and still loves to get out there. He is giving me a bad time cuz I am much younger than they are but am failing the group. The one on the left of pic is 80 ..the one taking the pic is 78... "My guys" I always call them. We have such a great time out there and I sure do miss them this summer.

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