Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Arrrghhhh@#! April in Canada

Maybe "Spring" will never happen around here this year.  Well, it won't for sure.  How can it at this late date?  By the time we get any warmth and the 6 inches of ice on the roof melts or the snow goes off the will be summer.  We should be used to it I guess.  We often jump straight out of ski jackets into shorts.  It is supposed to get up to +16C by next week.  There is absolutely no sense buying anything related to spring clothes...just wait a week or two and'll be summer.  And, good and hot ... by July it will be +30C.  Ridiculous.

But, this happened yet again two days ago.. I had to keep going out to knock off the wet, clingy snow.  The poor little guys were having a hard time shifting it to find a seed.

Nobody was more ticked than my two crows... huddled against the wind and snow.  Missus wondered why she flew all the way home from the southern states for this (apparently they go as far as Kansas or Oklahoma..wonder which one she goes to??)  Limpy just sat there ...  not saying a word.....he put up with it all winter because he has a bad wing and can't fly south.  I bet they were both saying some unkind things about Mother Nature.  If crows think to do that.  I know I was.

See them up in the tree? ... click on to get a bit nearer to them if you like.   I wish I could get close enough to pet them.  So far, they will only come into the patio and they still stay about 6 feet or so away if I stay out there.  They prefer it if I come inside while they tidy up.

Look at that.... snowing so much I thought it was about mid December, not nearly the last week or two in April.....sigh..................................................

I got ticked and even turned on the Christmas lights that are still decorating the little Korean Lilac... can't even get near enough to it to get them off yet...why not turn them on?  the neighbours had a laugh.  I got a few emails.... and, yes.... my neighbour played along.  She turned on hers as well...still on her two little trees in front.


sandy said...

wow, so much snow but it looks so pretty with those christmas lights on - ..lovely!! We had a few snow flakes today but that was it - we can get snow here up until Mothers' day and we have had quite a drop before in May but it melts quicker of course, than it does in winter.

You have your two crows - I have my pair of ravens who visit all year - they come several times a day to get their crackers that i throw out in the yard.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh goodness! That is a lot of snow. Those lights would have fooled anyone. But hey it is April even the weather is having you on😀

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Might as well enjoy the Christmas lights - at least they make the snow a little bit bearable. Maybe, just maybe, this will be the last of it and we can get on with the good weather. I'm sure Limpy and his Mrs. would be relieved.