Monday, March 5, 2018

Winter in Canada

Another blast of winter around these parts over the weekend.... hours more of shovelling.  The piles are getting so high it's almost impossible for me to toss a shovel full up that high..and, when I comes rolling back down to the bottom again.

When I visited my sister on her little farm, she taught me how to pile manure.. for making compost.  I decided I had to do it that way or it wasn't going to work.   Once it gets too high and pointy, it just doesn't work.  The horse poop balls come rolling right back onto your boots.

So, I had to push the shovel back and forth over the top of the pile of snow just like we used the pitch forks to do with the pile of poo ...flatten it out a bit and then..I could pile on more.  Then...more shovelling it back and arm was killing me by then.... so I could throw on more.  In the end...the piles are still 5 feet high..but, at least now they are also almost 4 feet across so I can still get a bit more on top.  If I could get out onto the middle of the lawn I could rake or shovel a bit more off the top towards the middle of the lawn and get them down a bit more...but, it is 4 feet deep on the lawn... I'm only 5 feet tall...forget it.  The sun is shining today... maybe some will melt... hahah yeh, is only maybe not yet....

I got a bit crazy and turned on the Christmas lights...which I have been unable to get off that bush,  seeing as that snow is pretty deep ...I was leaving them til it melted a bit more... now it snowed a lot more!

Click on the picture to see it larger so you can see details and see how deep things are.  I even had to make boot holes about a foot up my pile in order to step up to toss more snow on.  I had to shovel out the rather large patio because I have some morons coming on Tuesday to take away our granite slab to try to fix the ridiculous cutting mess they made of it last week.  Of course, this was after they assured us they do this all the time.  Liars.  I have no idea what is next if they can't fix their screw up.  As usual, for us...just one more bloody disaster after another with every.single.renovation we have ever done.  We were done with renovations remember? ? ... ..but, then..the oven conked out and we decided to replace it with a range because it was never supposed to be that close to a stove top .. a minimum of 12 inches apparently is even code and necessary so as not to cause damage to appliances underneath the stovetop.   No inspectors... no salesmen (of course) installers...nobody ... ..nobody told us that 5 years ago when we did the last big reno.  We only noticed a teensy tiny line of print on some obscure size charts of the oven when we were measuring for the new range.  So had to have granite re-cut to accommodate it.  Don't believe anybody for a second when they say they do this all the time.   And, if you are one of the lucky ones who has actually had it done and got a great job?... good for you.  



Draffin Bears said...

Dear Vee,

Have been seeing snow everywhere on the news, in the Northern hemisphere.
Here we have a heatwave and the air con has been on most of the day.
Good luck with the shovelling and know how happy you will be when Spring comes.
Nice touch with the Christmas lights.
Happy week and stay warm

Stewart M said...

Snow and (in the post before) waxwings - do we actually live on the same planet!! Wonderful.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oooh boy - it's hard to wrap my head around all that snow when I look out our window and ours is mostly gone. Not to say we won't get dumped on again however!

Linda said...

Nice snow pictures! I never had to shovel manure and don't plan to.

Lin said...

WOW! You DO have a lot of snow! Imagine the spring flowers and green grass slumbering under all that white and how happy they will be when it melts and provides so much moisture.

Buggar about the granite. Ugh.

sandy said...

even though I get tired of snow I never get tired of seeing photos of it. Everything always looks so clean (and white of course)...