Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I can't believe it.

My friend has lost her sweetheart.

In my last post I mentioned my effort of a copycat goosie I made a while back ... copying one made by my needle felting friend Gretel.  When I told her I was making one just like Snowdrop... and was having trouble...she even sent me some of the very same wools she used...!!  And, followed my progress ..emailing me with details of how she did certain things so I could manage to do it.  A special lady.

A mutual felting friend wrote to ask if I had heard the sad news; that Gretel had lost her wonderful Andy.  Her partner of 21 years.  I absolutely had not!  Imagine my shock and horror ... and then, total dismay at the situation in which she now finds herself.

Life ...... honestly, what can a person even say?   You just never know from day to day what it will throw your way; what you must face or how you will carry the load.

As I read her latest posting I just sat here and cried ... and then cried some more when I read the comments.   Then, surfed to some of the blogs to see who some of these friends were, and found people all around the world who have been touched by Gretel in some way.  They have felt her easy friendship and unselfish and generous sharing nature.  They want to help in some way... any way... and now two friends have set up a site for helping in a concrete way.  Isn't  Bloggyville a marvelous place?

Here is the address of The Gretel Project.  An effort to help with immediate financial assistance because she is in a precarious situation.  Andy died without a will.

If you know Gretel, and perhaps even if you don't, but want to make a difference in a genuinely good person's life... please take a few minutes to read the information and to make a contribution.  Perhaps somehow, in some small way, we can help to make a totally unbearable situation a bit less heavy for a very special person.

Gretel, you are an inspiration and a joy to know.  I am proud to call you my friend.

hugs, Vee



Annie said...

I couldn't believe it either :-( We hope to pop to see her some time soon.
A x

Twiglet said...

Such sad news. We will give Gretel your love when we see her. x Jo

Dolores said...

She sounds like a wonderful person. Sad news but it sounds like she has a great support system. The blogging world is so big and yet, so small.

Anonymous said...

I too cried when I heard the news, and then again when I read Gretel's incredibly moving post. Why do such bad things happen to such good people?

Gwen Buchanan said...

I am so sorry to hear this V. What heartache.... the world dishes out too much pressure to sensitive individuals.

Shashi Nayagam said...

So sad for your friend's loss Vee.

Susan said...

That was very sad to read. Far too young to be parted from each other.
All the best to your friend.