Saturday, May 1, 2010

We made the news..

Our city is big... a million now... and pretty spread out lots of us live in our own little microcosms... and the weather can be totally different only a few miles away.  Imagine our surprise..yet again...when we were watching what we were sure was the local news on the night of the high winds...and saw wild blowing snow...accidents all over the place and big drifts... we just looked at each other.  Huh?  We have green grass, no snow to speak of...and couldn't figure it out til we actually saw our city skyline in the background just as I was asking where the heck are they talking about? ... but, finally they did say it was us.

One of the guys Mr. BV works with couldn't get out of his property to get to work next day.  He spent almost all of it digging out his long driveway... and getting his little machine stuck...then digging that out.... what fun!  Well, of course... not....

The airport was closed for hours with the wind gusting to 90 kph...but, all in all...we didn't even know we were in a wintery war zone...  happily baking and doing a little green bear head.'s a brilliant blue sky day and +10 C.  Crazy eh?

I don't usually do many coloured bears although I have done a few...and decided to do a little green gal to send along with Otis for Sheaffer's Birthday Party and Silent Auction... and...I better hurry up.  It's only a few weeks away!

Here was his special day last year ... I can't get there because I live waaaay too far away...but, I like to send a few little things to support his worthwhile cause.  A home for abused and neglected donkeys.  The Primrose Donkey Sanctuary.


And.... here's the link to what I was baking ... it's on my other blog....

Orange Pumpkin Loaf


Sue said...

Vee, I've been watching the news about your weather. We had rain today (and a thunderstorm) here in Ontario but thankfully no snow. The good thing about snow (is there a good thing? LOL) this time of year is that it doesn't stick around too long.

Just checked out your pumpkin/orange loaf, looks very, very yummy!

Make sure to post pics of the green bear!



Abi said...

I can't understand your weather!
I still don't know what a silent auction is! I think when we have all our paddocks properly fenced, I'm ganna get some rescue donkeys to keep the horses company. Having said that, in england it was always advised not to keep donkeys and horses together due to a disease I can't recall... I wonder if thats a problem here...

Serena Lewis said...

Crazy weather! It must have felt quite surreal for you to see other areas of your city in direct contrast to what you were experiencing weather-wise.

I think it's fabulous that you are supporting such a noble cause even though you will be unable to participate, Vee. Orange pumpkin loaf sounds delicious! I'll pop on over to check out the recipe now ~ :)

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh chocolate strawberries :D

what odd weather that part of canada has been having lately. nice and sunny one day, snow and rain the next. then again I was always told that if I didn't like the weather in Alberta wait 5 minutes :p

Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh dear what crazy weather. Lucky for you that you were not stuckin the snow.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

You were blessed that you didn't have the bad weather.
That Orange pumpkin loaf sounds yummy. I am going to check it out. Thanks and hugs