Friday, September 4, 2009

a bit breezy...

Actually it was a bit more than breezy. It began as quite a benign day...lovely and sunny... pretty warm really.... but then the wind picked up and pretty soon it was gusting big time. The doors of the garage were banging and shuddering .... sounded like a buffalo was pounding on it ..... we kept gluing, screwing and sanding pieces of struts for the ceiling repair..

Until this.... the neighbour's tree blew over. It was dried out and pretty dead looking to me anyway ... but, still.... .... Luckily, it managed to miss one of their cars by a couple yards. I'm happy it was a SW wind...or it could have taken out a wall of my craft room.

The wind was wild for the rest of the day.... til after dark...when it finally quieted. It was up to 25 C in the house, but I didn't want to open the windows because it was whacking them around even if they were barely ajar. Don't need to replace windows too...on top of all the other stuff we are doing....

Yep, it was a smoothie on yesterday's post. They have become our afternoon snack. Remember smoothies from the olden days? Why did we stop making them anyway? I bet we all still have our original old blenders..unless you used yours to mix up some crafty items. It seems to me there was a paper making rage at one time that wrecked a few old blenders. What a great pick-me-up; an easy way to add extra calcium to my diet (I even buy orange juice with calcium in it now and also use some frozen fat free yogurt which is very tasty). It uses up slightly over ripe bananas...before they become only good for muffins or loaves.. and it ups the fruit quota for the day... and even adds a bit of fiber... because I leave skins on... or add some berries with seeds , etc. They seem the perfect nutritious snack. Not as messy as munching a nectarine or a peach either..... nice and clean in a lovely glass while we take a break and admire the flowers and listen to the burbling little fountain. Then....back to it....

Yesterday's began with pineapple and banana... but, wasn't that I tossed in some frozen mixed berries. It looked like this before I mixed them in... Mom would have called it blood and matter pie...and only the Brits and some Aussies will know what that is.... but, when looked beautiful.... and tasted great.


Jennifer Rose said...

yes that is lucky that the tree blew that way, and really lucky that there really wasn't that much damage to the street.

no idea what blood and mater pie is, and hubby has no idea either

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

I am glad that the tree did not hit anyone or a car.
I remember the blender been used for making paper and that is why I had to replace it.
I love smoothies and often whisk up a healthy drink. I love the way berries make a rich purpley drink.

Enjoy your weekend

Sue said...

Whoa! Yes, I'd say that was quite a 'breeze'. Glad that the tree didn't damage any cars or any parts of your house!

Smoothie looks delicious! I love smoothies! Yum

Have a wonderful and safe
weekend! (hopefully no more

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Whew! Narrow escape there!

I know what your Mum's description means.....was she a nurse?!

The end result looks delicious I must say!

Annie said...

Nature is so powerful isn't it and rather scary too. Glad no one was hurt. Love the look of the smoothie.
A x

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

Hello from a smoothie fan here...still making them, and now my oldest son is an expert! So delightful of you to stop into my neighborhood of the Elven Forest. We have yet another thing in! Please come by the Cobbler's Shoppe again soon...Tinkerbell will be visiting ! It's very good to meet you, Rose

Shashi Nayagam said...

Glad it missed your craft room!
That smoothy looks lovely I wish I could get a sip of it.

Michelle Eaton said...

Lucky that tree didn't hit anything.

I make smoothies for lunch most days but I also put protein powder in them to make me full for longer. I use the low fat frozen yoghurt and frozen berries too. I love them!