Saturday, March 28, 2009

I thought it was Sunday all day......

.... where the heck did Saturday go? ...can it be Saturday tomorrow again so I can get re-organized?

While we are in the deep snow's one from Minnesota.... ...I think it was Norway or Austria for the deep snow of yesterday...although we get plenty right here in the mountainous areas of Canada. The skiers love it... well, not that deep....but, the nice powder of a new snowfall makes them happy.

This is Austria in February.. record snowfall there this year. If you can't make it out, that's a vehicle under all the snow... ... this is great. It makes me happy that we have just a bit in the yard. Although it isn't over yet...and we have had spring storms that dumped 17 inches on us in years gone by.


a bit of baking today....... Pistachio and Cranberry biscotti....

a bit of painting...... think I have the arms and legs about the same colour now... (next time I'm using flesh coloured fabric.. the order is in ..) So, now I'm working on her top.... then will attach the legs... then the arms...etc... still plenty to do. I was talking to a doll club member and mentioned that I need to look for some pics of fancy Jimmy Choo flats... maybe Manolo Blahnik..... she had a good laugh. But, I do want to make them a bit special.... mini Project Runway at home.....


Sue said...

Whoooaaa! That is one huge parcel of snow! Here in Ontario, we had sunny and warm weather today and all our snow is finally gone. March has actually been beautiful, makes me a bit nervous for April. I think we are still due one more storm.

You did a great job on painting the arms and legs to match and I love her shoes!

Draffin Bears said...

I am glad that I am not the only one!
It is Sunday evening, here already and the weekend is almost over.

Wow... she is going to be one lucky girl with her Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik flats.

Just off to do a pile of ironing.

The biscotti looks yum.


Jennifer Rose said...

I miss having snow, but not that much snow. Hardly get any here, unlike where I was living in Ontario where we could get 2 feet or more. Where I was living in Alberta, we hardly got any snow, just lots of wind :p

Maria Vaz said...

Those legs are looking good ... so is the biscoti. Now I'm hungry got to go and eat. Hope you are keeping well and enjoyed your weekend. I bragged to soon, in my previous comment ... we had a chilly wind come through the region ... it's coooool!
Take care. Hugs ... Maria

Anonymous said...

Love her shoes! Hate that snow, e had a little today too, but nothing that stayed. Wow that is a lot of snow!!

Linda Fleming said...

I remember one winter when we lived in IL. that the snow was so deep we couldn't get out our front door. I sure don't miss those days!

Your doll is looking great. Look forward to seeing her finished and the fancy shoes you give her.