Tuesday, March 3, 2009

boomerang weather...

Plick, plick plick... all night in the downspout... which I actually didn't hear after putting in my earplugs. I can't sleep without them. Even the noise of the thermostat for the furnace scares me awake... I'm sure I've mentioned before what a notoriously poor sleeper I am. However, the past two weeks I have been trying Melatonin... which doesn't seem to help me fall asleep any sooner...but..... and BIG "but" here...does seem to help me stay asleep for longer at a time. I actually go for as long as 2, 3 or even 4 hours before waking....wheeeeeeeeeee what a concept. Usually I am awake every 20 mins or so, which makes me crazy. Maybe it is also the intensity and the duration of my workouts now. I've upped the ante. Personal trainers...which I don't have (wish I did), but do watch on tv and do read up on their info .. .... say we need to be working out over an hour per day for about 6 days a week to make a noticeable difference in strength and cardio.... along with changing our diet. Okay... so...I am. And...I'm feeling more energy, better strength, less pain in joints.. .. and even move with a lighter step... it's all good. And, if it is helping with extra sleep... ahhhh...so much better yet, eh?

Even though it was close to melting temperatures all night, this morning there is new ultra wet snow.... great.... the worst driving conditions...however, the sun IS trying its best to poke through the cloud cover and will likely burn things off by noon. The main roads should be pretty good by then too with the amount of traffic on them. Absolutely have to go to the grocery store today. For starters, I'm totally out of milk. Usually our 'fridge looks like a junior hockey player lives here. Several litres of "my" Skim, (for massive amounts of calcium to aid the Actonel for osteo, without the fat or cholesterol) Greg's whole milk, cuz he doesn't really like the skim... Vanilla Soy milk to add a little glug to disguise the taste of skim a bit.... and on the same crowded shelf...orange juice.... looks like Mother Hubbard's cupboard in there today. Bare. Naked.

More paperclay added to my face yesterday; more smoothing and fiddling. This time with the back side of the sandpaper after Kerry mentioned I could use just brown paper to sand it... It is very soft actually... and does disappear easily with just paper. Surprising that it can also be durable if it does that. Makes me wonder if it really will be very durable at all. However, perhaps once it is painted and then sealed...it will have more strength. But, now to find some info on painting. In the meantime...I was happily looking for bits to try as hair.... and just having some fun with her.


Serena Lewis said...

Great that your fitness is still getting better and better. I'm glad that you are sleeping a little longer each time also.

The doll face definitely looks more smooth now. I can't pick with hair I like best.....maybe the top one...no, I think the bottom one but...then again, the middle one ain't half bad either. lol

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

They say that drinking some warm milk before going to bed helps. Maybe you should give that a try.
I like the way the face is turning out. I like the hair in the middle picture. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

Glad you are sleeping more :) I love the hair in the second picture :D

Unknown said...

Oh, look at her coming together! Isn't that amazing how the different hairdos give her a totally different look! :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Glad to know that you are sleeping better. I need to do that too.

Your doll is coming up beautifully. I like the middle hair on her. Makes her look very mysterious.

C.C. said...

You must feel like a new woman, going from 20 minute stretches to up to 4 hour stretches! I'm going to suggest melatonin to my husband who is also a notoriously poor sleeper. Your doll face is pretty...I so wish I had 1/10 of your talent!

Linda Fleming said...

I have heard of melatonin as sleep aid but never tried it. But if it helps you stay asleep, I am going to try it! Too often I sleep for a couple of hours and then I'm suddenly wide awake.

I love your head and all the different hair treatments you tried on her. When using air dry clay, I always apply several coats of gesso and sand lightly with a very fine sandpaper before I begin painting and coloring the face.

HElen said...

I like your work on this face. I want to try it too :) Thanks for motivation!

Draffin Bears said...

Great work Vee and your little Lass looks great, she can wear her hair anyway.

Good on you for your fitness regime - you are doing well.
I will think of you when I am doing my workout.

I hope that you can get your sleeping pattern under control.
You would have tried the sleepytime teas that you can buy.


Carla said...

I feel for you and not sleeping. I don't either. I couldn't do ear plugs though. I have ringing in my ears and I think that would make it worse. Your girl is turning out nice.

sandy said...

Sounds like you're doing good on your routine. Have you ever heard of the Tibetan Five Rites. You can google it. I did those at one time and wow, energy increased, etc. Must get back on those soon. Love the latest creation.. Ohhh just noticed Rufus on your side bar...so cute...

Brenda said...

My husband takes Melatonin and says it helps him. I took it and it did nothing for me. I have had sleep problems most of my life. I usually have to take Excedrin PM or one of those, but occasionally do without and just stay up and not sleep. Thanks for visiting my blog. I also make dolls and bears. Yours are all very nice!! I will come back later and read some more.

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