Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The one I won...and the one that got away ...

This is the pastel I won on ebay the other day ... by one of my fav artists .. Anna Usacheva in Russia. (scroll to the bottom of my page for a collage of many of her pastels)

Unfortunately, I lost out on this one by a whisker... or two.... darn it. I wanted both of them to frame for a special someone. If she happens to read my blog today .. she will guess it is she.

The eyes on all of Anna's cats absolutely blow me away. If you know cats at all... then you know what I am talking about. The eyes are amazing.


Susan said...

What beautiful pastels, sorry you missed out on the second one.

Thanks so much for all your comments & support. That *#@!%&** chimney sweep STILL has not called or shown up. Eeerrrggghhh!!! I'll call No 1 guy who has a rare sterling and professional reputation. I trust I'll be pleased.

Big flock of Canada geese flying over. Sigh. Have a great day.


Gaby said...

Beautiful cat and wonderful painting!!! Wow!


Linda Fleming said...

Love those eyes- very striking!