Friday, June 28, 2013

Disaster averted..

overnight.... they managed to run other tanker cars alongside the dangling cars...pump out the liquids...  sidelift either the rails or the cars..I didn't quite get that bit...and then, somehow attach them to engines at either side... pull them ..uncoupling the group in the centre and getting them off the damaged tracks... they are still moving them further away ...but, all is safe.

The bridge is 100 years old,...damaged by the flooding and now will be replaced.


I did some bits of stitchery while watching.. ... not a lot...

We are working on a little sampler in our new class of Simply Stitch.

Some thread wrapping on those long stitches to the left... some web stitching... French knots of course, and oh, yes...the frilly picot stitch.


Terra said...

Your stitching is pretty and a nice contrast from the flood news. How good the tankers were safely moved.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Vee,
Hope you are doing well my friend!
Wow what a terrible accident. But happy to hear everything was taken off the damaged tracks.
Is that an Online class? Love how your stitched piece is turning out.
My birthday was yesterday and I just uploaded the gifts that I received if you would like to take a look and leave a comment if you can.
Lots of hugs

Lin said...

It's good to keep busy while you are watching all of this unfold. I'm glad they found a way to empty the cars. is very scary to see these things happening.