Friday, December 28, 2012

enjoying the sparklies ...

In the early morning before it gets light.  I plug it in.  For at least an hour.  And, as soon as it gets dim in the afternoon.  I plug it in again. ..   til bedtime.

That's the part of Christmas I really like.  The sparkly tree.  The decorations. Magpie is my middle name?

As you can see I moved over one of the little owls from my little counter top trees... he looks so cute sitting in the branches.. Of course, I should have bought a whole family of them now that I see how sweet they are in a tree.... maybe I can make some  ... somehow...

And, stove in the dining room or under the tree .... we hauled up our table and chairs as soon as the oven was moved into the kitchen on Dec 21st !  Just in the nick of time.

We forgot to take a photo of the little stuffed chicken too.... it was halfway through dinner before either of us realized it.  Let me just say ... first roasted chicken since July because of the renovation and there being no oven...  .... was wonderful if I do say so myself ....and I DO !!

Cheers to us all !


Anonymous said...

Cheers, lovely! Beautiful tree and decorations. Glad your life is getting back to normal. The chicken sounded so yummy I could taste it as I was reading your post :D
In my mobile life, we were able to also enjoy a nice Christmas meal. Bought a tiny tree and decorated it with miniature lights and miniature ornaments. :)
Best wishes and a Happy New Year. Hugs. MV

Twiglet said...

I love our tree too. Something very special about getting out all our old favourites to pop on the tree and switching the lights on just as it starts to drop dark - so cheery. I am a bit late visiting desks due to festive fun! Happy New Year. x Jo

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Vee,
I am back! :)
So happy to hear you have a working stove now! :) Does that mena your renovations are finally all done??? I really hope so. Love the photos of your tree, the little bears and the yummies! :)
So happy you had a roasted chicken for Christmas dinner and wine too! My kind of gal! LOL
Tomorow I will be uploading photos of my recent trip. Hope you stop by my blog and have a look.
Wishing you and your hubby a Very Happy New Year 2013! May it be full of health, happiness and Creative Memories!
Hugs and love

Lin said...

That's the part of Christmas decorations that I miss...the lights on the tree, on the mantel, here and there....sigh. While I'm anxious to clean it all up, I am going to miss them in the evening. :(

Catherine said...

Your tree looks spectacular!
Wishing you Peace, Health and Joy for 2013!
xo Catherine