Friday, November 18, 2011

Break out those flannelette 'jammies!

Brrrr......  I hope you have them if you have weather like ours in your winter!  I love mine.  My 'jammies that is ...not my bitter cold weather.

After having such a lovely long and unusually warm fall, the thermometer has plummeted like a stone ..  and, this is -16C... but, the weather channel says it feels more like -24 C because of the breeze.  It is snowing lightly....just a few dainty flakes swirling around and up and a flurry of tiny, light feathers..... not much on the ground really. .. just enough to make it miserable on some of the roads.  A good time to stay home.  Which I seem to be doing a lot of the past month, with the exception of my physio and massage visits.  Still working on my wonky elbow.  It is still preventing me from doing much with my hands too..... so.... I've been trying to do some tidying, cleaning ...(mostly using my left hand it seems) ...and... baking...with the help of my trusty stand mixer.

Eggnog has been in stores for weeks already if you can believe it.  Eggnog loaf....mmmm.....


Apparently, the pronator muscle in particular is so tight it is tearing away from the bony knob (called an epicondyle) on the inner part of my elbow area.  My physio is using several 'modalities' as they like to call them... to work on it.  Everything from "dry needling" to magnetic massage, to ultra sound and interferential current.... and some heat packing and manipulation along with some neck and shoulder realignment ..... There has been some slight relief and the pronator is somewhat softer now...but, honestly.... I am shocked that it is taking so long to show any sign of improvement.  I was hoping that just not whacking any golf balls would help...but, after almost a month of not hitting anything it was not better at I had to break down and start some treatment.  As slowly as anything seems to be healing, I am more than disappointed to say the least. has taken its toll on my sense of humour.  My motivation just seemed to disappear right along with my sense of humour, as well as my hope for immediate relief from the pain, and my feeling of usefulness.  I'm sure all my baking and cooking is just to prove to myself that I am not just a total slob sitting around... that I am actually worth something to someone, even if only to me.

This week, I am beginning to think about cleaning my crafting it has become a repository for just about everything I didn't know what to do with or couldn't be bothered with during golf season and nice weather......... and now...acckkk!!  Where to begin!?

I think I need to purge.  Big.Time!  Perhaps it's time I even decided on what I am NOT going to bother with over the next 300 years and toss all of the stuff associated with those hobbies, crafts and endeavours.  Yep.  It's time.

Maybe I will have a give-away of various packets of "stuff" ... and somebody who will actually get some use from it can leave comments and I will happily send it to them.  That's the ticket.  I will get busy and package up 'things'... .tidy my room and get back to dolls and bears.... which in reality, will probably be the only two things I ever actually do in the hobby department......

My Christmas cactus is loves this time of year.  Usually it blooms about American Thanksgiving time....that must be coming up soon....  and my other one may bloom for Christmas...I have no idea why, but somebody told me one time that there are different cacti and some do bloom for this time of year.  Here he is.... with a new little ornie that I found in my travels lately....


AND::   As much as I want to win this little guy for myself.....I would like to send you to Cat's blog to have a chance to win one of her little sweeties.  Maybe a bit of karma will work in my favour if I share?.... heh heh.....


Mary Ann Tate said...

I added my name for the draw too:) Gee I'm on the same wavelength with you. My craft room is bulging at the seams so I think I need to rid myself of stuff too that I will never ever use.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are still struggling with your elbow ..... and as for your weather - maybe I shouldn't tell yoiu that we are enjoying an unusually mild November - it was 13 degrees C today!! Have fun soting out your craft room - I bet you find all sorts of things that you have forgotten about!!

Unknown said...

Sorry that your elbow is giving you fits and hope it is better very soon. Speaking of sorting out craft rooms, another lady did the same and guess who hauled away boxes of doll making goodies, yep, ME! I've been looking through it all and found a bear, complete with some kind of pins and such ... No, the bear is not fully made and I wondered if you would be interested in seeing some pictures of it and if you would like it ... let me know.

Jennifer Rose said...

sorry that your elbow is not healing very well :( keep doing what physio says tho, it will get better

eggnog loaf? o.0 blagh :p

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

Aren't flannette pyjamas the best in cold wintery weather.
Do hope you manage to stay warm and yes, being indoors would be the best thing.
Sorry to hear that your elbow is still giving you pain and do hope that it heals and you feel better.

Happy weekend

Lin said...

It's hard to be in a good mood when you are in pain. But keep going for treatment and hopefully one day it will "click" and you'll feel some relief. I sure hope the pain subsides soon!

Unknown said...

OH I can so relate to how you must be feeling. I also sit and dream about all the things I'd like to be doing and wouldn't put off if I could only......

Good luck with the elbow. I'm thinking of you. Maa

Maria Vaz said...

Hello Vee,
Hang in there my friend, with the physio treatments your elbow will start feeling much better. I think the change of weather could be a factor in it taking longer to get better. Hey, I don´t want you to lose that great sence of humor!
That loaf looks so good, wish I could come over for tea and share it with you. :) Hugs Maria

Shashi Nayagam said...

That cake looks delicious. Well if you can't create then baking is as good. I am really sorry that you are still having issues with the elbow. Hope you recover from it soon.

Serena Lewis said...

Sorry to hear your elbow is taking forever to heal. I've had elbow pain myself from either arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome but it comes and goes so at least I get a break. Poor YOU!

I LOVE my flannelette jammies in winter.

Our Zygocactus (Christmas cactus) blooms in our winter months...mostly in June and July.

Good to see your painful elbow hasn't kept you out of the kitchen. That loaf looks delicious!

Have a lovely weekend!

~ Serena :)