Monday, December 1, 2008

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!

First of a new month.... a really important new month too. According to Ye Olde Englishe wives tale, the first words you utter, first thing in the morning on the first day.... should be "rabbits"....for good luck.

There. Done. Now to sit back and wait for it. if.....

My personal theory is that you make your own luck. It's kind of like life....if you want the most out of it.. get out there and grab it by the throat. Carpe Diem!!

And, today the day is:...... beautiful, sunny and there is an amazing brilliant blue sky... hmmm... okay, that's kind of lucky for this time of year in Canada.... and, furthermore, the weatherman says it will be the same all week... with a whopper of +9C on sometimes a bit of luck just happens all on its own I guess.

Okay....I'm off to sit in the sunlight streaming through the kitchen window, sip a second coffee and do some stitching on my little Persimmon coloured bear. Later, I think I'll enjoy a browse through my collection of holiday magazines...

I love looking at the pictures; ooohing and aaaahhhing over the decorations and decorating ideas...

drooling over recipes, and, in particular, recipes for gifts.... my fav thing to give is something for, (or from ♥♥), the kitchen. I learned that little heart trick from a new commenter... just hold down the Alt button....and press the number 3 on the number pad.. not on the keyboard. Cute.

and here is a tip from me... save your special magazines in plastic covers so they don't get all ratty. They cost enough so, I like to keep them nice. Easy to save in a large binder...or even just in a perfect stack in a spare drawer or cupboard. I have ... uhm,... lots........ I'm a sucker for a pretty cover.... so some are in an out of the way drawer (but, I know exactly where, so I can refer to them at other times of the year for certain marked recipes) ... ... and there are more in a small tote bin. I keep it near other Christmas-y the big box with the tree in it...that way I know exactly where it is.... hey! come to think of it, my cards are right beside that in a smaller tote and I might as well bring that to the light of day as's December and time to get some overseas cards in the mail.... Have a great first day of December everybody!


Guzzisue said...

In this part of the UK it's white rabbits three times :-) we actually remembered this month !!

bikerted said...

Wot White Rabbit and NO Jefferson Airplane????

Draffin Bears said...

I often say white rabbits on the first of the month - I forgot yesterday.

I hope that it is a happy time for you!

I liked the thought of a second cup of coffee, sitting in the sun reading your favourite magazines - true bliss!.


bub said...

Little rabbit is adorable ! Clever bears as well.


Unknown said...

What a cute post! I'll remember that tomorrow morning when I get up, "Rabbits!". LOL!
Thank you for the comment on my blog today! You mentioned that you saw I won something on someone's blog! What? Where? When ? I wanna know!!! Now, I'm dying of curiosity! I wonder if it is a new win that I am not aware of yet or an old win that I've already got. Now I'm "spinnin' " LOL! ;)

Unknown said...

LOL! Now I see, I was reading my google reader of which you are one of MANY and I came across Sandra Evertson beautiful flowery post and saw the winner's names! Thank you for the good news...and oh, silly me. I see now that you have to say "rabbits" on the first day of the month first thing, LOL! Oh, well, maybe next year! :)

Linda Fleming said...

Oh drats! I read this too late in the day to say Rabbit. I think the first thing I said this morning was to ask Isabella if she needed to go out and poop-LOL!

My favorite thing about the holiday season is the decorating, cards, food, and of course love the holiday mags.

Pauline said...

That rabbit is so cute, I forgot to say it as usual. We are ankle deep in snow where we live at the moment, a lovely look for the start of December, think it will turn to rain soon.


anya said...

I totally agree with you Vee. I believe we all make our own luck. Back when I had a company and it was successful, a few people would say "Oh, you're so lucky." I always just had to say, sweetly and politely, of course, "Well, it isn't exactly luck. I worked my ass off for years to make this happen!" For the most part we can have luck or not. There are some extenuating circumstances, though. I've always been grateful I wasn't born in a third world country where creating personal good luck is much less of a sure thing.

Your rabbit is just adorable. And speaking of rabbits, I surely wish I'd known about that rabbit tradition. While I do believe I make my own luck, I'm always happy to stack the deck in my favor. If that takes muttering "Rabbit" upon awakening on December 1, I'll do it.

Are you going to be posting any of your favorite Christmas recipes? I'll keep an eye on your food site just in case.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I didn't say, "Rabbits" yesterday

I love holiday magagzines, too - they have some of the best pictures and ideas of the entire year! Have you seen Marie Claire Idees December issue? I got last years and it was brilliant.

Thanks for the tip on putting the mags in plastic - that's a great idea! :)

bub said...

Bindi is very small , her head hands feet/legs are polymer clay
Thankyou for your comment and question.