Wednesday, September 17, 2008

what fun!

and thank you too, Vee..... I love it. What a great idea to punch some holes and add the lovely ribbon. I never thought to try that..... I'll be coming up with some new ideas now for my next creations. It traveled perfectly. Not a petal out of position.

I see the U.S. has some lovely colourful stamps too.... thanks for those as well. I save them for when I find a collector... occasionally I find somebody and send them my stash.

Another perfect day. Blue sky and lovely warm sunshine.... +20 C at the moment. Golfed with my old guys ... (okay it was not really golf....but we had fun hacking it around). Chuck turned 80 today. I baked a chocolate date loaf and we had a slice with our coffee. That was my indulgence for the past few days....although it is not as if I am suffering. We eat well...and tasty too, albeit trying for less cholesterol. Which leads me to another thank you to the ladies that sent me some recipes and ideas.... I appreciate them all and will definitely be giving them a try. Today I am making soup even though it is warm.... I have a great tri-ply bottomed pan that doesn't take much heat under it to stay almost at a slow bubble.... I have to keep turning it off so it is not heating up the house at all. Mulligatawny.... thanks Gina.... We are having it with a lovely slab of home made whole wheat bread. Yum. I won't even butter or Becel mine..just dunk it..... mmmmmmmmm.......

Don't you love soup? If you don't have an item...substitute; or, leave it out.. or add something else entirely.... make it exactly what you want.

"They" call Mulligatawny a Classic Anglo-Indian soup, the name of which means "pepper water," and they say it should be richly endowed with meat and piquantly spiced. ....and, to taste the soup as it cooks, adding lemon juice, cayenne pepper and curry powder as necessary". There are many different recipes...all sound yummy...but for coconut or cocoanut milk.... but I will stir in some yogurt near the end....and I prefer mine a chili or stew ...whereas some call for it to be pureed. Can hardly wait to taste it. If it looks beautiful...I will picci it later.. I want to put my version on my food blog. ...perhaps tomorrow.

Thanks again everybody!


Vee said...

Great to know that that glue does work and kept it okay. I purposely didn't add any cardboard inserts just to see how it would fare. I'm very pleased, too. Now we can go full steam ahead. Thanks again, friend!

Yup, it's soup weather all right, but I'll avoid the spicy stuff.

Carole Burant said...

Such a beautiful thank you card! I love homemade cards, they mean so much more:-)I love soup as well, in any kind of weather but nothing spicy for's not that it doesn't agree with me, I've just never been one for spicy foods. Should have seen me eat at a Mexican restaurant one time...must have had 10 glasses of water in front of me! lol xoxo

MightyMom said...

you're making me hungry!!

Alexandra MacVean said...

A cute thank you card!, I'm in the mood for some soup. Haven't had any in months. ((running to my cabinets) :)

Unknown said...

That soups sounds good right now!