Monday, June 2, 2008

finally!! they're gone!

Worse than in-laws! Those horrible hiccups lasted from Thursday afternoon thru till 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning.. ...poor Mr. BV.  With only a few hours of respite during some sleeping hours....when after two hours of lying there lurching, he finally would manage to doze off and it seemed to abate. It was pretty wearing on us both, but he must have been totally exhausted from the physical severity of it. Me, because I was panicking a bit, especially by Saturday night when there seemed to be about 5 hours of crescendo... where every 3 seconds there was a huge "hic-GULP" with a very obvious gut wrench. Honestly, I just wanted to call the ambulance! My guy... typical man in that department if no other ... poo-pooed that of course. He has had this before ...but only once that I remember since we have been together... perhaps before my time with him ...and declares that it goes away in three days. I don't's not right and I don't like it. There must be some underlying problem... I would want to know what that is...but then, that is me. Not him. By midnight on Saturday, listening to the sad sound of that almost "sobbing" of those damned hiccups...I, too, was sobbing ...... .

Somehow, during the day on Friday and also on Saturday...he continued to putz away on bits and pieces for the laundry room. I hung around helping where I could; worrying about using a table saw when he seemed so worn out. Did I mention he is more than a bit stubborn? He is safety conscious, but when he is that distracted... I still worry. I figure if I am there makes a difference. When he sat on the patio, in the sun, to make more calculations...I dashed out to plant a few more pansies....... I got lots done in the gardens, believe it or not. My favs... Delta Mix....

When he decided to call it quits...he looked at me, grinned, and asked if he should just hose me off on the driveway....... uhm...did I get that dirty? Oh, yeh.....I was filthy! Why is it that a person can begin puttering in gloves...and all of a sudden.. where did they go? why am I pressing fresh moist dirt around pansies with my bare hands..yet again? How, by the end of several hours... have I used about 4 different gloves, each belonging to different pairs?.... when I picked up my "toys" at sundown... I rounded up two leathers, one green fabric and another that was pink fabric with rubber palm.... good grief! Couldn't find my little hand rake.... had to do a major search for my hand shovel.... and it took me three trips to the shed with the rest of my "stuff" .... but, good thing we had a busy two days because for the next week it is going to be cooler and raining. Hope it smartens up for Wednesday... for golf with "my old guys".

There is a recipe for this ..... the "best ever" Carrot Cake on my other blog if anybody is interested.


Vee said...

Vee, I certainly understand your concern. I think you'll have to pull some wifey power on him. Sounds just awful and took a toll on the both of you.

I'm the same way with the work gloves. Start out with them, never end with them. And I have nails and hands to prove it.

Supposed to be cooler and rainy here, too. Glad that most of my outside chores are accomplished.

Take care...

Carole Burant said...

I get hiccups for 10 minutes and I get tired of them...I can't even imagine going 3 days with them! Sheesh! I would definitely ask the doctor if there should be any concerns them lasting that long. Men...they're are SO stubborn! hehe Thank goodness they're gone now.

You sound just like me...I always start off with gloves on when I do gardening work but next thing I know I'm using my bare hands. Also have all my planting tools all over the place! lol I just bought more flowers today to plant in my containers for the deck...dirt, here we come! hehe xoxo

Guzzisue said...

why are men so stubborn about going to the doctor, mines just the same:-)Its raining again ( has been for 3 days now) and we have a bike rally at the weekend, hopefully not too muddy this time.

smilnsigh said...

So glad they stopped. And hope they don't come back again, very soon.

And I guess he's never mentioned them, to a doc, hu? -sigh-


MightyMom said...

should really tell you the story of when I dialed 911 on my man cuz he was refusing to go to the Emergency Room when I darned well knew he should............

only took ONCE. Now, he listens.

beautiful pansies. They're my fav..purple ones that is