Friday, April 11, 2008

brocade can be tricky....

....but, with the help of a few people who know a lot about sewing.... I managed to use it for the inner ears and foot pads of my third bunny.

I didn't know about the tissue paper trick yet when I did the ears, and they are easier to do than the little foot pads....... I pinned only in the seam allowance so that even if there were pin pricks that did show... they would not be visible when I turned the ear right side out.

Then I learned about the tissue paper trick. Use tissue paper against the good side when stitching it to the other fabric... this is by hand for me when I am doing foot pads. I just can't seem to do them by machine yet..... then after turning, just tear it away.. et voila! you have a pristine piece of fabric. Worked like a charm. Thanks Richy.....

The brocade pieces survived intact...not a pick mark or hole anywhere..... and I now have a pretty pink bunny.



Vee said...

Oh I love that rabbit. She (not he???) is darling! Good trick about the tissue paper.

Glad that you like your is pretty and it's true and you deserve awards since it snowed yesterday.

I see that you were having the same trouble with Lovella's advice that I was, but I think from the looks of her rhubarb that she prolly knows what she's talking about!

Knitting Mania said...

Hello ... first time visit, I found you over on Vee's blog.

Your home made bunny is so charming.

Nice to meet you!

Little Blue Violet said...

How Sweet Vee ! I love these bunnies with the ear and foot pad fabrics. I am NOT that talented with needle and thread. You are so talented!

Little Blue Violet said...

Can you please email me your addy again? I have had something here I made for you and would like to get it on it's way.

Veronica said...

Great idea about the bean! that would have been good. I gave it to her last night though.
Oh well it was still funny and appreciated by her : )

Good job on the brocade bunnie, he looks sweet.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Gosh yu ar clever! I don't kwite get the tishoo payper trik. I kno lots ov stuff abowt ishooin tishooes as I am the tishoo ishooer rownd heer. But I don't kno abowt that wun.

I do like that bunny tho.

I like bunnys, I do.

Larst time we drove bak from Granny's it waz nite time an I cowntid 53 bunnys along the grarss verges an in the fields an stuff. I've never cowntid that menny befor. Maybe we hav our own speesheez in this cownty. The Essex Nite Bunny. Hehehehee!

yoybk (word veri thingy)

Linda Fleming said...

I love the brocade on your darling bunny! Gives her such a rich and yummy look. Dhe is absolutely adorable!

All Bear by Paula said...

What a great tip! Thanks Vee! Adorable bunny - love her brocade ears!

Clothmatters said...

Beautiful bunny! I absolutely love the long ears and face. Well done.

nancy said...

You do such beautiful work. I'm putting you on my favorites list so I can remember to come back and see you.