Sunday, August 12, 2007

more pics of the road trip

Just adding a few more shots of the drive .. usually 5 1/2 hours of amazing scenery. Although as it happened on this particular day.... we had to turn back to the Eisenhower Junction after waiting in grid-locked line up over an hour (just to be told personally by one person with a stop sign ... that there had been a chemical spill.

This is a snowshed and slide area in the mountainous portion of the road. There are several of them through this particular section of the highway. In the winter it is covered with many feet of snow...plenty more if there is a big slide .... in summer it grows lush vegetation as you can see. There are other areas of sliding snow, mud and the like as well of course...but these are built in known problem areas and do help to keep traffic moving when Mother Nature is at work.

Lately they have been installing lovely, new lighting in most of them; they used to be just black holes to drive into. Some have open slatted sides...some are closed right in and very dark. If there is a huge snow build up on the lower side, it closes off the lit area the lights are wonderful. It is pretty bad in summer as well, especially if the day is brilliant and are wearing sunglasses..and then hit a black tunnel. Whip off the glasses and try to adjust...not good. This is the perfect solution. Another way to cut down on the many accidents along this treacherous highway. Much of it is very twisty and there are hundreds of big semi trucks doing their jobs of hauling all sorts of goods. People don't want to be stuck behind them on hills..twisty roads and the like.... Most people speed ... usually overdriving their own ability or that of their vehicle ..........which is silly, because they are usually the same guys beside you when you arrive at each small town along the way...or... the guy you sometimes see in a ditch, or getting a speeding ticket as you go by at, or near, road speed...which is already 110 kmh. in Alberta and 90 - 100 in B.C. Fast enough when you are driving for every other driver on the road as well as yourself.

The further west we went... the uglier the sky got and we could see it raining on the peaks ... or is that snow?

Welcome to Canada....even in the summertime....

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