Sunday, June 10, 2007

What a perfect day! The scent of the Korean Lilac (which is in full bloom) was wafting in through open windows. Wonderful. All the birdies chirping at the top of their little lungs... love it.

No wonder I don't sit in my "craft" room to stitch or sew.... not enough light... too close to neighbours on that side... no bird bath to watch the fun with the various birds... not close enough to the kettle ... ahahha... or to the outside table.... which is finally where I end up. The sun is not the best light I found out today. I find it harder to see my stitches especially if I get a really close match on thread. I used to think daylight should be best... but it is almost too bright or something.

The favourite light of doll and bear makers all over the world seems to be... an Ott light. I belong to groups of both and when it comes to talk of best lights...that is the one that is most common and most well loved. As a matter of fact..when I get that craft room organized so that I can actually keep most of my fuzz and fluff in there... I am getting a standing floor Ott as well as the table one I have already. It truly is much easier on the eyes and for some reason almost seems to magnify my stitches so that I can see them easily.

I have begun my second bear...and... also was needlefelting on a funny little guy.... not telling....

He may be a "she" when I get finished...and not the he I was trying for either.... ..but cute nontheless... well, I think he is anyway.

When I opened the patio umbrella earlier in the day...a poor little dazed bat flopped out and flew crazily away. Almost landed in my coffee cup! He was really velvety soft looking...a chocolatey dark brown. He probably was having a nice relaxing snooze in there, dreaming of hordes of mosquitoes. After he left, I was thinking it was kinda strange that it didn't freak me out. Usually if something unexpected like that happens, a person's heartrate ramps up a bit. Didn't even faze me today for some reason. Maybe because he moved not too quickly. Poor little guy...I bet I scared him more than he did me.

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