Friday, May 1, 2009

I take it back! .... already!

I take back my complaining and bad mouthing of the city. Even if just those of us who regularly recycle do it this way instead of the old way.... I'm seeing that much more will get into the blue bin and less into the regular garbage can and therefore less goes to the landfill site.

My blue bin ... remember it? the one that got delivered a while back? Well, it came with instructions and dates....and they won't be doing the first round of pick ups til May 12. I thought they would be picking them up the first Tuesday after we received must be waiting til folks get a reasonable amount of recyclables in them. Hahahah....they better not wait too long or every single one will be out on the first pick up date. Mine is full already and I have an almost full tote bin in the garage waiting til after the first empty! Well, in fairness I did have a bagful of flattened and de-labeled tins to take to the big recycle bins at Rona. And, I did have a boxful of advertising flyers..... some dating back several months.. and I also had quite a pile of flattened cardboard ...just sitting there.... waiting.... for me to take to the big bins.... and then... I cleaned out the garage one nice day. So. it's full.

There are new and easier rules....for one... labels don't have to be removed. How much simpler that makes things. And.. now, I find myself looking under every single container for the recycle symbol and numbers... 1 through 7 are acceptable. I'm finding there are a lot more I could have been recycling, although some do have a 9 .. I guess those are not acceptable at the moment.

People could easily make the recyclables less using more fresh foods. The packaging is so ridiculous isn't it? What a pile of junk we create. I actually bought a little box of simple cookies to dip in tea...cuz I didn't have any biscotti and was not in a baking mood.... just felt like having a cookie... plastic and more plastic... good grief! What's wrong with just cardboard and cardboard dividers? So much easier and takes up so much less space. Meats....I think meat counters in grocery stores should go back to wrapping our meats in lovely old fashioned paper...instead of those horrible styrofoam and plastic shrink-wrapped containers that look like they have a mini pad in the bottom to sop up the blood and water ..oh, and to make them weigh more too by the time they weigh and price things.... I hate the feel of squeaks ... it seems to grab my skin.... it sends shivers up my spine. Worse than fingernails on a chalkboard... ick.... I'm not complaining about the blue bins today...but, anyway.... just sayin'...... and just complaining... in general.....


Jennifer Rose said...

meat comes in plastic trays here :/ can't recycle it either. we use the containers that fruit comes in for planting :) they work great for little pots.

I'm not sure of the numbers that get recycled here, they don't take half the stuff the should but we don't have to take labels off either.

nothing wrong with complaining :D it is your blog so complain all you want :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

Glad that you are getting used to your new recycling system.

I hate all the packaging that comes with most every grocery item you buy.
My pet peeve too.

Enjoy your weekend

Jammmie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and recognizing me too! Cheers.