Friday, April 17, 2009

thank you ladies!

and cheers!! With Elmo's help, I salute you.

Within minutes of asking, I had my answer. Man, I wasted a lot of time looking and hopping around; searching and coming up empty-handed ... ...til I finally thought about just saying it out loud. Of course, I was a bit embarrassed that I couldn't remember who it was that made the beautiful doll, or where I had actually seen her... ...but, hey! if you can't figure it out by yourself...or are stumped...why not just ask? ... It saves time, energy and frustration.

So, that's my "make life easier tip" for today.... Clever Tip # 336... yes, I am keeping a list., I'm not. But, honestly, I better remember this one. When in doubt...or when searching for something you can't find.... ask. In fact, ask a blogger..or several bloggers. Blog buddies often travel to and from the same blogs .... or have looked up the same information you are seeking. Because they have the same interests. I tried it last year when searching for an origami pattern... it worked within minutes also ... so why I didn't immediately think to do it this time, I can't say. And I ain't sayin' I forgot that too.... nope ... refuse to admit it.

Duh....????? self portrait...

Guess what this is?


It is a cash cow for the city. Oh, alright, it is a Blue Bin...a new gimmick to try to encourage recycling..but also to collect extra loot from each of us for something unnecessary. The city delivered one to us all yesterday.. not every area has the service yet...but, in a city of a million.... that is quite a collection. But, then I guess they have to pay a bit extra for pick up... or is it the same poor guys who already pick up all the other trash? Tuesday... I'll find out.
But, now, we have to find another spot in the yard to keep another unsightly bin.... ... and have to pay monthly charges for it to boot. We can't opt out of the charges. Sigh..... I already recycle and how hard has it been to take it with me to the big bins at the parking lot of the grocery store? ... not very..... as a matter of fact I prefer moving it off-site.... and don't want a big ugly blue bin hanging about.... I like my mini garbage can. Maybe I'll just hide it in the shed. Oh..., but, then, where will I put the lawn mower.... hmmm..... bigger shed? .....

The city projects that these things will double the amount of "stuff" that is now being recycled. I look forward to any information regarding actual figures and complications encountered when they put out information regarding the success of the venture. I wish them luck, but, ... it could be amusing to say the least. I'll be out there on Tuesday checking out the action too... first pickup day... to see if the poor guys have to jump out and move each and every one... away from poles, power lines, fences etc...because nobody reads the fine print... It could be a loooooong, first day for the pick up guys.. Maybe I'll bake some biscotti or muffins.... they always laugh and jump right out of the trucks for treats.... . I'll get first hand info on the new efforts to "go greener".....


Dolores said...

Oh yeah? Well, Toronto beats you. We have to put up with three of these lovely bins. Right now ours rest on the front porch. One green one for kitchen scraps (picked up every week), one for garbage (every other week) and of course, one for recycled stuff such as paper and cans (the other week). So, every week we have to put out two of these and we have a calendar that shows us when to put out which bin. No one really likes them. The garbage picker-uppers (garbagemen) prefer bags. I hate it when they pick up from where we are supposed to put them but after they are empty, the bins may end up right smack in the middle of the sidewalk so people have to maneuver around them.

Jennifer Rose said...

green bin here for kitchens scraps (but only certain ones) and lawn cuttings. branches still have to be taken to the skip

black bin for garbage-picked up every other week that the green bin isn't picked up. if its not in the bin it doesn't get picked up and put in the truck. so there is often garbage bags on the sidewalk as the binmen wont pick them up so garbage left on the street to make a mess

and a green box for recycling but the council doesn't recycle half of what they should :/ gets picked up every tuesday. and people kept nicking ours until we put our address on the side. wish the box was bigger as we could fill it 3 times over each week we drink so much pop :p

I don't have a problem with the bins, I just can't lift them down the steps :p they aren't pretty tho :/

Serena Lewis said...

We complain because we WANT a separate bin for recycling. lol Some Brisbane suburbs have two bins but, as yet, our area doesn't. At the moment, we are given a green wheelie bin about the same size as the one in your pic AND, it has a divider inside it which is pop-riveted into place. The back section is for the recycled stuff....problem is that our bin is barely big enough for a family of our size. I think the divider idea is silly and there are reports that it gets mixed up together when it reaches it's destination anyway.

Cute pic of Elmo....I'll have what he's having. :)

Guzzisue said...

here in our part of the UK its a green bin for recyle bits, grey bit for waste, green box for glass, optional brown bin for garden waste and central collection points for clothes, shoes, recycle plastics that we can't put in the green bin. we have a list of what is acceptable in the green bin and penalties if you get it wrong!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Here in the UK we have 3 bins, emptied alternate weeks. They had to find a use for all that recycled plastic - so they turned it into bins and gave each house three! And we got a free (plastic) compost maker too! (It looks like a black dalek, but makes good compost).
Now if they could just work out how to make cars out of recycled plastic......

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Yes you are a funny lady Veronica,tea and cakes indeed...LOL...I'm lucky I got that dang post up at all.I had a very big headache,at the end of it all, but it was worth it when Alex saw what I did.LOL. Hey not as bad as you forgetting where you sawa doll...Huh! And not to mention.We have to take our own trash to the town dump and burn our own paper and such. Am I on a role or not?
Anyway thanks sweet cheeks for stoping by.I enjoyed your visit and Alexia says thank you also.Love ya Marie
PS.I will be emmailing you soon,got to show you something.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

Glad that you could find, what you were looking for!
It is frustrating when you have seen something nice and then can't find it again because you have looked at so many other site.

Garbage is a pain anywhere.
They are just reviewing our system at the moment.
We get one little plastic sack for a week and we can recycle our glass, tin and cardboard in clear plastic supermarket bags. The supermarkets are trying to do away with having to supply plastic bags and want everyone to buy the calico
bags you can buy.
Some want wheelie bins which we don't have and some don't.

So will have to see what way the Council wants to go with our garbage.

Enjoy your weekend

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

We've had two bins for so many years I'd never really given them much thought. They do make recycling easier, but I noticed that in Japan where we had to separate everything and go to the recycling centre every two weeks (on allocated days), the fact that it was much more difficult meant that we were so much more aware of the things we threw away.

Pauline said...

It can get to be a full-time job recycling with all the different bins, won't be time to go to work soon, just be a stay at home recycler and don't they look awful everywhere.


sandy said...

We've had these for years. We have brown for trash, blue for recycle and green for green waste. We had to order three more green waste ones, now we have four...That's how much we put out every week...that's a lot of leaves and yard work..we have two recycles and two trash. We are dirty messy people.