Wednesday, April 22, 2009

didn't make it til Thursday...

there is a robin sitting on the power line.... occasionally flapping snowflakes off his wings...and cursing at the situation. I think it sounds like "what the h- e- __ double hockey sticks?" .... well, that's pretty mild....I'm saying "wtf"!
A brisk north wind is blowing... all the birds are probably thinking they should double back to south of the border. Either the wind blew harder than they expected..or ...well, who knows what..but, the cold and snow arrived sooner than it was supposed to. It got dull about an hour ago, the temperature has way we are getting the +21 C forecast for today...sigh..... it is only a miserable +2 at the moment.... darn it. My fingers are even cold and I'm in the house. Better get on the treadmill....that'll warm things up.

In lieu of sunny days.... how 'bout a craaazy bead? See? changes colour when I move it around...oh, you can't see me moving it....... sorry.....


Jennifer Rose said...

perfect picture for winter, but not for april! I can't believe you have snow o.0 ok I can, but I have forgotten you can get snow in june sometimes

Sue said...

oh, yuck! We had snow last week, after lovely warm sunny weather......not fair! Fortunately, it didn't last and I'm hoping that is the end of the white stuff! Love the little bear, too cute. You should put a big arrangement of Spring flowers behind him though - to spite the weather!

Serena Lewis said...

Poor, little robin! Goodness, winter sure seems to be hanging on in your neck of the woods.....even the poor bear doesn't seem too happy with the weather conditions.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Vee,

It must be so hard for the little birds out in all that cold snow.
Especially if you are cold indoors.

Your little white bear looks cute in the sleigh.

Have a great weekend

Maria Vaz said...

Hello Vee,
More snow! Time for it to go away. We are not laughing ... some snow fell on the mountains near my mom. She said it got cold. We also felt it in our area ... a cool wind blew through and the temperature dropped.
I hope Greg gets better soon ... what a drag!
Take care my dear.