Thursday, January 9, 2020

Two little angels

I haven't been doing any crafting or making my own lately ... so I decided to show you a couple of things I bought years ago at craft fairs.

Two little angels... each totally different and yet pretty cute...

The first, I sit on a shelf or table where her little 'legs' can dangle.  The legs are made of narrow gold ribbon with bells on the end of each. is glued to the inside of a small clay plant pot that has been pained gold.  Her head is a large wooden bead onto which a bit of yarn has been glued and also some eyes and lips painted.  On the back... a bit of tulle gathered to look like some wings and a gold string for a hanger or for a halo if you don't hang it.  Her arms are small pieces of pipe cleaners.

The other one is a stitched and stuffed fabric head.. attached onto the top of a room deodorizer.. like Glade brand... just eyes painted on... some curly rayon 'hair'... I'm sure you could also use any yarn.  Some fabric stitched wings on the back of a little piece of gathered fabric for her dress.  Her arms are just a piece of ribbon with one soft knot in the centre and a star glued on.. ends tucked into little poufs of fabric sleeves.

Both cute and yet, totally different ...

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Perfect Symphony - Cover by Justin J. Moore & Paul Moore - (Originally b...

This is my little New Year's gift to you... seeing as I wasn't around for Christmas.... didn't even get to post pretty photos of my decorations... just busy doing nothing and not on Youtube to watch it there ...larger... or click on large screen version and turn up your volume.

My nephew and his son doing a cover of an Ed Sheeran number ...

A decoration and a tart to go with..... enjoy!!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Okay...this is annoying....

...but probably only to me...

I bought this cute little plate... with gold trim and gold printing...couldn't resist.

But, nobody remembered to put it to the side, or to the top, or towards the bottom of the plate.   How are you supposed to see the printing if your cake is smack dab on top of it?

Bummer...  I'll only be able to use tiny petit fours..maybe there are petit twos...or chocolates or something on it if I want to show off the saying or get any laughs from it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Rock pilfering squirrels

Why do they do it?  I can't find anything scientific on it... only anecdotal evidence really... have you seen it?

They run into the yard... poke around in our decorator rock in the garden a rock .. sometimes they lick it a few times... get it situated in their mouths and run off with it.  They sometimes only go as far as the lawn... and, bury it.  Then, come back for another.  Last spring we found dozens of them in the lawn when we had it power raked.  We spent a lot of time plucking them out before running our own mower over the grass ...

Sometimes they take them across the street into neighbouring yards.  Apparently they are 'scatter hoarders'... meaning they put things all over the place for future.. what? with rocks? .. who knows ..

Often I find a quite large one on the sidewalk or out in the middle of the road... too big to get very far and they drop it and leave it I guess... most of the rocks in the yard are about 2 inches and bigger... we still have some that are from a previous batch of only smaller ones to two inches .....but those are disappearing quickly ...  they try poking around for those and then..just pick up a larger one and go with it... it's crazy... the one he has here is about 1.5 inches by about 1 inch.... the photo is a little dark, but click on it to enlarge and you can see it better.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Heart of a leaf..

This one is for you Shashi..

It was as big as my hand with fingers totally spread out.... fell from our Columnar Aspen.

The leaves are still green even after several pretty cold days and two major snowfalls.  No leaves have fallen from the crabapple tree at all yet... all have just stayed green, dried out and curled a bit..but still like they are glued onto the branches.   The early cold must have something to do with that.

Yesterday we had high winds and some of the aspens leaves floated down... and one or two did blow off the other crab in the front yard... today...the backyard is more or less littered with aspen leaves... time to rake.

When I found this big guy I couldn't resist.... I had seen a heart cut out of a leaf somewhere in I made one too.

I should have photographed something beside it...for perspective... it was about 7 inches across...