Friday, October 31, 2014

Who remembers terrariums?

Well, actually... even though I first heard of them eons ago (back in the hippie days).... I don't think they ever really lost popularity ... either that, or they have made a big comeback.

I've had this one for .... oh, man....I can't remember how long.  It dried out, the plants died and the dirt was rock hard...the thing was sooooo dusty...... but, I loved it then and carted it around with me for years.  Every move; it survived ... glass top and all.  I wish I had a photo of it in its "throw out" state.  Mr. BV tried to toss it more than once... and, who could blame him.

But, I salvaged it from near the garbage can and have been saying for the past 3 years that I was going to clean it up and re-plant it.  Never got around to it.

This summer I saw it yet again....sitting there all dusty in the garden shed.  That did it.

I needed a new date palm anyway seeing as my BIG guy of many years had shrivelled and died.  I blame in on the big renovation... because we had to move it in and out of the house; to the garage got pretty wind blown and roughed up and neglected.  No wonder it died.

Anyway... long story a bit shorter .... at the shop where I found palms on sale...there were so many tiny plants for a dollar.... I couldn't leave them to die there ....or be tossed out...they looked in a bad way....

I came home, got the terrarium out of the shed... washed and buffed it... put in some lovely new soil, a few little plants, some special rocks.. put in a bit of water and closed the lid.

Et voilà !!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

Yesterday this little birdie came to the feeder.  I sprinted out as soon as I noticed him/her.  A tiny tyke, smaller than a chickadee... and, seemed to be all alone.

Please, click the photos to 'embiggen' and, get a closer look look at him....

He didn't much care for the sparrows when they tried to outmuscle him on the perches even if was half their size.  He opened his little wings and gave them what for....  (I didn't hear what he said, but he meant business )...  He didn't seem to mind the nuthatch or the chickadees.  If they showed up, he just went about his business.

Mostly, he waited 'til the feeder perches were vacant ... got onto one and was quite enjoying sitting there in the cool sunny day.. picking through the sunflower seeds and bits... and, usually, it seemed... the sparrows kind of left him to it for a few minutes.  Then, if several of them would go for it at the same time, he flitted up into the Hawthorne tree..... where he waited and would go down again when they had pigged out and left.

He didn't seem as nervous as the sparrows either...they all left in a big flurry when I went out and there he sat.... looking at me...  quietly munching seeds, wondering what the big deal was.  Of course, I tried for that one step closer to the feeder and off he went into the tree.... and, then...nobody showed up til I left and went in the house.  Bummer...I was hoping for a real close up... but, had to resort to a bit of cropping.

Here is one of his back side to show the markings....

From my only bird book...I think he might be an American Goldfinch although I don't know if we get many around here.  Looking at him from a distance I didn't think he had a finch type beak...but, now ...looking closer ..perhaps that is what he is.  If my birding bloggy buddies "in the know" can let me know, I'd be a happy bird watcher.....

Isn't he a little cutie? ... He is so tiny even though it is hard to tell in a photo.

Please take a minute or two to check out other birds over at Wild Bird Wednesday.... there are soooooo many......

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Monday, October 27, 2014

It's dry, crispy and orange.....

It's autumn for sure now.

Orange is not really my favourite colour ....  especially when it is corrupted with darker splotches and colourations.  Sigh.  Oh, is that time of year.

We have a variety of leaves in the yard...not many from our own few columnar aspens ... and, plenty blown in from front, back and sides.... all the neighbours have the trees ... the wind is their friend.  They all wait long enough so that they rarely have to rake.

One out of four is aspen.

I'm ticked.  Somehow I caught a cold.  Must have been about 17 cold germs marched in abreast in a weak moment or something..  and...I got it!  Dammit.  I hardly ever get a cold so I'm not a good patient .... as a matter of fact I have no patience at all. !!!

I felt a scratchy throat on Thursday and by Friday my head felt like a giant puffball.  I couldn't breathe through my nostrils at all.  Not much sleep that night... which of course, doesn't help anything.  Then, coughing all day Saturday til I felt my ribs were in grave danger ...luckily I've been working out regularly for the past few months and I'm sure there was more strength there than usual.  I was even doing oblique crunches ... getting to where I could get my upper body off the floor pretty well... not perfect yet and now set back a few weeks I'm sure.

It may be short lived as I feel more human already today... but, I ain't going to rush things....I know how quickly a person can set themselves back if they overdo too soon after a down and out session.

Looking at blogs still doesn't interest me... but, I'll get around to it .........soon.......... maybe.............

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

I got a nuthatch!  Well, actually, I got some pics of a couple of different nuthatches!  And, I'm pretty excited... because they are as elusive ..maybe more so... than the chickadees.

Maybe it is male and female ..maybe there are different colourations... I'm not sure.  Tomorrow ... I'll look up some birdie info on them... but, for now I just wanted to brag about them coming to check out my new feeder.

UPdate... I'm thinking the first guy is a Red Breasted Nuthatch... and, the lower one might be a White Breasted Nuthatch .. there... I think I've got it figured out.

They only seem to come around if other birds are there ...especially lots of sparrows.  Maybe they like them to act as guard birds or something... warning about danger by flying off in a hurry if there is danger... and, seeing as I have plenty of sparrows is noisy when they "flurry"....

The little nuthatches are so cute.  Hanging off the side of the feeder..getting a seed and then off they fly to enjoy it.  Much like the chickadees.  They don't hang around and nibble their snacks like the sparrows do.

The sparrows are pigs... they jump on and off the little perches ... sitting and nibbling for a bit .. flying off for a drink...or to hop around on the ground and clean up little things that fell off when they were in their eating frenzy.  In and out of the tree and the shrub and onto the feeder again... til they eat me out of house and home and then...sit on the patio wall looking at me through the window.  Well, I feel like they are looking at me....

I bought a big bag of seeds today... $43.00 ... yikes!  And, I looked at a winter bird water bowl... with a heater in it so they can have open water in the frigid weather.  $104.00 .... sigh...... having fun with birds can start to add up.

Click on the pics to make 'em bigger and get close up and personal with a nuthatch... or two ... aren't they cute?

And, if you like birds, check out Wild Bird Wednesday ... click on the badge below to go directly to the site.

Friday, October 17, 2014

On Golden Pond

This is not a very clear photo of the beautiful little guy..... but, it just had to be taken... ... after all, it was a chickadee..and they can disappear pretty quickly sometimes.  This guy seemed to be content to just sit there though....too bad I wasn't a bit more careful this time.

I have a lot of shots of disappearing bums, flapping wings, or, nothing at all in the frame when it comes to birds...

So, I had to show it to you.

The setting sun was reflecting off the windows across the street... and it looked so great on the water....