Monday, July 28, 2014

Intelligent Autofocus

That's what my camera calls it.  I mostly leave it on that IA setting... because at the moment...I'm still just learning about the camera...and, not spending enough time with it...nor have I even read the little book that comes with it... or the book that came with my extra lens... bad me, bad me!

However, I am having a blast with what I am doing.  Got lots of cute birdie photos ... always on the lookout for something for Wild Bird Wednesdays now... and, also for Good Fences on Thursday.

While I was waiting for the little House Wren to come back one day...I got to looking through the few finder and noticed a few daisies out beyond the birdie bath..just nodding lazily in the heat of the day.  And, it WAS hot!  My skin was beginning to feel like it was on fire.

If I look at something.. half click the shutter shows little green boxes and, then..if I press it focuses on just what is in the little green boxes.  I pressed and pressed; here and there and, all of a sudden... thought, how beautiful would one of these shots be.

I took several.  Cropped one,  ...   and even got rid of a funny half dead twig sticking out in the midst of it all.... I love it!

I give you a daisy today...and, loaded a larger one than usual... click on to "biggity" and don't smell them... they don't smell very nice..but, they do look beautiful!

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Here is a fun thing.

This past week I've been looking for interesting, fun and just plain old likeable.

I'm sick and tired of the murder, mayhem and misery that is the news these days.  As a matter of fact I had a hideous nightmare three days ago after seeing a particularly horrible thing on our evening news.  Haven't turned the tv on since.  Who needs it?  Not me.  Not this week anyway.  I'll golf, take photos and look at interesting and fun stuff thanks very much.

So, while googling something....I happened on this... looks like some great fun to be had here.  Let's hope a robot is safe in its travels across Canada.  It will rely on the kindness of strangers... in an attempt to hitchhike from Halifax to Victoria.... if it makes it... wow ! ... won't there be some great photos and stories that will come out of it all?

If you have an interest in fun, interesting things too ..check out hitchBOT's home page and journal ... the start of it all should be tomorrow ....

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Good Fences

Actually, I'm not sure how "good" the fences on this property are.  Or, maybe it was a careless somebody who forgot to tighten down the gates... or maybe these guys are houdini horses...don't know for sure...but these two got out of jail the day before.  They took off up the road in search of greener pastures... as if... and, it became a pretty big deal as trucks barrel down the road at high speed.  Telephone calls from neighbours and friends of animals ....    all before 6:00 am.... yawn....nnnnn...... but, they are back in jail now thanks to some skillful herding by several folks.

Two lovely miniature horses.  I tossed a handful of wound up grass to the smaller of the two when he came to check me out.  He carefully unwound it and nibbled at it daintily.


But, then...over came greedy guts.. with the much bigger belly, and pushed the other guy out of the way ... so he could eat the grass.  Hmmm...

I guess there is a reason he has a big gut.

Although ..... he is a sort of rakishly handsome fella don'tcha think?  But, he does need a good comb and brush...look at all the bits and stuff in his mane...

This is, of course, more about what is behind the fence than the actual fence.  That's me.  I do love what is behind, or in front of, or entwined about, any fences....

Go have a look at some other fences and the stories and things surrounding them at the Run-a-Round Ranch.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

 Hah!  made it!  sure I'm late... but, I had an the golf course.  Okay, it was a tee time, not an appointment I guess... but, I had to be there.  And, it was a good day..  I was hitting the ball just fine after not hitting any for a month now.  A lot of stuff has been happening....

I was wondering what to show for a wild bird.

I honestly did think I might have to resort to this little guy.  See him sitting on the hind end?  .. and try to get away with saying he was a cowbird.  But, he is on a bull... of sorts... you can tell by the horns...oh, and the big nuts dangling between his legs... not the bird's legs, the gas can bull.  You have to click on the pic to "biggify" to get a closer look.

He is in a neighbour's garden... and, they had him "duded up" for the Stampede a few weeks back.

Thank goodness I didn't have to resort to that tactic... but, I just had to tell you about my predicament.

Anyway...I got lucky a few days ago.  Playing with my 'newish' camera and hanging out near our birdie bath... I saw this little guy show up.

Ooooh... quick... get a shot or two!!  So cute!  Didn't know just what he was or anything...all I knew was that I hadn't seen him around before.

He flew away.  But, in hopes of him returning...I pulled a chair closer to the birdie bath ..and waited... sort of camouflaged behind the Caragana shrub.  It got hotter and sunnier and I was trying to be patient..but, my eyes didn't like it and, the skin on my forearm was on fire.  Finally, I stood up and just began to head for shade and a hat..when he flew in and sang out to let me know he had arrived.

Then, he hopped right over to very near where I was.. and, sang out yet again.  I quickly turned on the camera and snapped a few ..missed him totally in a few shots..but, got some that I thought were pretty darn good.  He was very busy ... hopping in and out of shrubbery and looking under rocks and bits of bark and even picking things off leaves.  Little insects I think.

I went in the house and pulled out the Audubon book and looked for something similar....

He is a House Wren.  They say this about him..

A plain brown bird with an effervescent voice, the House Wren is a common backyard bird over nearly the entire Western Hemisphere. Listen for its rush-and-jumble song in summer and you’ll find this species zipping through shrubs and low tree branches, snatching at insects. House Wrens will gladly use nestboxes, or you may find their twig-filled nests in old cans, boots, or boxes lying around in your garage.

 I thought it a bit unkind ... a plain brown bird indeed!  Hmpff.... that's as bad as our Dad telling us kids we were "homely"..  just not right at all!  I think he is very cute and has the sweetest little song... at least they refer to it as effervescent.... okay then... maybe I'll go back to that site.  It is about local birds...

Here are two other pics I got of him... if you look close in the last shot you can see my reflection in his eye.... he was looking right at me....

I give you...the little brown House Wren.

Check out some amazing birds and some even more amazing photography on the Wild Bird Wednesday site... these guys are real birders!  If I get a picture of a bird I don't know...they'll help.  I was happy to discover beforehand what it was.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Fences

As usual, I'm shocked that it is already another Thursday.  This merry-go-round keeps spinning at dizzying speed!  Time for more Good Fences.


Oh, brother...there she is again with the confounded camera!  Yeh.. must be Thursday and, she's looking for blog fodder.  Why me?

Can't a guy just get a bite to eat in peace?

Maybe if she can't get anything except broadside, she'll give up.

That's the answer!  ...     I won't look at her.  She'll find it pretty dull business and get lost.

What the...??....  Why are you still here woman?!

Oh, alright.... snap away if you must .....   I'm busy......

...  and, now...I'm gone!!!  Outta here cuz somebody left the gate open...hahahhahahahha...........