Thursday, November 12, 2015

Makin' a dolly...

Haven't done a doll since ..uhm....I forget how long ago, but a long time.  Since Madame Pompadour.   Remember her?  She took a lot out of me I guess.  Was it 2009?  Must look back sometime to check.
Wow....time flies.  Even if you aren't always having fun.

Anyway.... this is Alice in Steampunkland.  She looks like fun .. and, the pattern has a ton of great info to help get her looking good...

Here she is so far.... please don't judge yet..... there are a lot more steps to getting her face just how I want it.  And, if it doesn't please me, there will be other faces......... until I get it right.

Oooooh.... and, here is the really cute part...there is a bunny.   Can't wait to begin sculpting him.

Here is Alice when she is completed.... I hope mine eventually has a hint of a little this one does......hmmmm..... must continue working on those lips.........

A long winded story....

..and it still has to be condensed.

One day I applied for a job in a plywood plant.  All phases of making plywood.  They refused to hire me.  It was long before the days when employers were forced to accept women in those types of jobs.  But, I persevered....for over a year while I was working in a bank.  Finally .. even after they told me I was too small (they stipulated at least 5' 8"..I was only 5' 2" ...  too educated, (me, with only my high school education) because I later learned they wanted big, dumb and stupid so you couldn't be a troublemaker .. and lived too far away... a half hour drive each way.
They finally hired me; probably because they got tired of my daily and weekly calls.

My first night on the job I almost gave up.  It was extremely hard physical work.  The night janitor showed up with coveralls on ... and that was all.... no underwear.... which he let me know several times during the night as he hovered around trying to get my attention.  They made it tougher than it was by putting the heaviest, wettest, mouldiest stacks of veneer on my dryer platform and made me work like a dog for every minute I was there.  The girls who already worked there were rude to me and made my life hell;  for whatever reason, they just didn't want me there.  It went on for the full year I worked there.  I was almost afraid to be in the lunch room with them.  It was a little old trailer about 100 yards away from the actual plant with the only toilet in it as just had to go there on breaks whether you wanted to or not.

The morning after the first night, I went home, fell into bed, and didn't wake up til almost time to drive out there again...for my midnight shift.  Which was, of course, the only shift they would give to me at the time.  Later I learned to love midnight shifts...less hassle...less bosses to deal with etc... but, as I learned later... no first aid guy on midnight shift either ...not many people around to witness harassment or to help with dangerous situations... of which there were several.
Anyway... it took two full weeks of working, going home and falling into bed without even eating ...getting up to grab some grub and heading out to the plant again.... before I toughened up enough to do the assigned job.  I made a friend who showed me easier ways to do the job... save my body, and to handle myself in dangerous situations.  There is way too much to tell on here....suffice to say, I only lasted a year in that plant...during which I saw several horrible things including a poor man squashed and killed by a forklift.

Eventually, I had to defend myself when one of the girls insisted on turning the dryer back on while I was on top of the rollers (20 feet in the air) on the top rung.  I was trying to dislodge some tangled and broken veneer that was causing a backlog inside the dryer.  It had to be done before a fire broke out inside the hot oven.  She was doing it on purpose... they preferred the dryer to catch fire so they would get some time to just sit around while they shut things down and cleaned out the burning wood from inside.  The first time I got back up there again...the second time I fell right off when she started it up ...really hurt my knees and totally lost it.  When I could finally stand up, I jumped over the moving belts... kicked that woman in the face and ran out the door.
I knew my life was in danger if they ever caught me.  I kept on running til I reached the highway and hitched a ride home at 2:00 in the morning.... never to return, of course.  Even the ride home was dangerous.... who was driving around out there at that time of the  morning? ... a car load of drunks, that's who.  But, in those days.... no cell phones...not much traffic on a single lane road.... etc....thank goodness they were only going halfway to my home town.  The next guy was a preacher I knew...driving home from a conference in Vancouver....he drove me right to my door.

I did exactly what that plant was worried about and opened investigations into their practices because at least I was clever enough to know grave danger when I witnessed it first hand.  They were closed for weeks .. ...   ....I left town... to work in another plywood plant.  Where I had to assert myself all over again... and, worked there for 6 years with no problems other than the unwanted advances of several of the really nice guys with whom I worked.  Easily dealt with.  I kept my head down and learned to do my job and do it well.  After a while, I was accepted by the few girls who worked there.

It was a small group and a great little team; it became an elite team.  We routinely turned out the best product and percentages more than other shifts.  On my shift...there were only seven of us.  When legislation was passed making it mandatory to pay women the same wages as the stayed exactly the same size.  No new women were hired for years.... we enjoyed our job, with the exception of how blistering hot it became in summer when it was already 100F outside...and, in winter, when there was 5 inches of ice on the doors onto the lake ..which they had to open frequently to bring in -30F.... then, we had on about 5 layers of clothes and were huddled around the slower moving drying ovens... wishing for hot weather...couldn't win....

Anyway... after all of that ...if you waded through it.... yes, male dominated occupations can be challenging (and, if you put yourself through it ...please choose something more challenging than a plywood plant)..   hahahah...  I was very young and somewhat foolish ...and just wanted that damn dollar more per hour.   But, why make a big deal out of harassment of any kind... from women or men ... it was ever thus and will ever be... even in modern, open and accepting countries like ours.  You'd probably have to get rid of half the population to change anything.
And don't be fooled into thinking only male dominated occupations are the problem.  Following my car accident.. after which I could no longer do the heavy work at the plant...I went back to school... and then more school... to become a dental assistant.  I worked in situations in which I had to fend for myself more than ever.  Turned out many dentists considered themselves next to God.............. I have stories that would curl your hair ..... and, yet, somehow, I persisted in the field for almost 20 years. Well past the average lifespan of a dental assistant.  The mortality rate is about 5 years "in the field". By then, you figure out how it's going to be for the duration and you get out and do something else.  Unless you find the one in about 20 dentists that is worth his/her salt and is also a decent person.  Few and far between.  I worked for about 40 men and women in my 20 years. There are only 2 that I recall with any fondness.  And, then, there were two others that I had to testify against in got out of dentistry before he was brought to justice, for all of his ridiculous schemes..  the other went to jail for fraud, forgery and obstruction of justice.. oh, and, then, after RCMP did all that work (it took over a year) to bring him to court ....  ...He served 6 months in a correctional institution and went on to teach ethics at the University of Vancouver.  That's right; ethics.  Great internal watch dogs they have there........ oh, yeh..... they protect their own...... in so many ways.

I loved the job...just hated most of the dentists and some of the ended badly.  I was taking courses while working as an assistant...and, went on to become a massage therapist ... hahhahaha what an idiot. guessed it....more harassment.... from chiropractors... it's everywhere.  After almost 7 years of that, I finally just gave up working ...      ya know what? ....there really just aren't that many places to work that don't involve sexual, physical or emotional harassment are there?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big, burly, super fit and ultra strong....

Does 'woman' ever come to mind when you say those words?


And, 'woman' doesn't come to my mind at all when talking about hunky firemen either.

But, this morning, all anybody is talking about is sexist behavior in fire halls and of course, then it goes on to hiring practices regarding women in non traditional occupations,  etc... all to do with some female firefighter's complaints of her supervisor making certain remarks to her.  Big deal.  Sexist behaviour is everywhere.  If you are a woman or a man, get used to it.. learn to deal with it or figure out how to get around it or quash it.  Yourself.  Why complain to anybody who will listen?  Whiners never prosper.

First, if you are considering applying for a position in male dominated areas... make sure you can do the job.  Physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Second, get used to the fact that you will be badgered, or belittled, or worse, every step of the way and then perhaps, reconsider.  Or.... figure it out.  Yourself.  If you can't do all of the above...don't bother applying.  And, besides that...if you want to be a fireman, be big, strong, burly and able to lift a 200 lb dead weight, unconscious man, and, get him and yourself out of a burning building without batting any of your eyelashes.  Which, by the way, you won't have after your first fire.

Get real.  Who really needs to do every single male dominated job in the world?  Maybe we should actually leave a couple bastions of male dominance.  I definitely want a big, strong, ultra fit fire'man' rescuing me if my house is on fire and I am incapacitated.  Even a 100 lb. woman is more than most people can lift, male or female.  I don't give a damn about gender equality.  And, I sure as hell don't want some token woman firefighter showing up asking me if I can walk when my legs are thanks.  If you can physically beat out male counterparts for a physically challenging job...good on ya.... but that's the only criteria I want followed in some occupations.   Of course, that's only my personal opinion... and, I'm entitled to it.

I've worked in male dominated occupations.  Long before modern day so-called liberation.  Back in the 60's we did it to make a dollar more per hour.  End of story.  Oh, just a minute it isn't.

Tune in tomorrow for one story .....

Monday, November 9, 2015

Free Range Children

What a great sign!

These people have several children....who are busy riding bikes and tricycles in and out of these gates.  Luckily they open onto the alleyway...

When I first saw the sign I immediately read "chickens" instead of children and wondered if chickens were legal in our area.  Just for a nano second  of course...but, I guess that was the plan.  To get our attention.... and I thought it cute and clever, so of course, it ends up on here....why not?

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

and, snowed.

My 'Christmas Cactus'..   which has bloomed on all sorts of days including American Thanksgiving... and, on Hallowe'en.... this year bloomed even a week must have known something.

It's winter.... because the following snowed!

 The birdies were not best pleased.

I must dig out my heated birdie bath...and quick!

The snapdragons were still blooming away.... I must admit it was waaaay past the time when I would have expected it.  I just couldn't make myself pull them out when they continued to sprout flowers.

I've been looking at paper 'thingies' .......from older Paper, Cloth, Scissors mags......
look at the cute little purses....
No clue what I'm doing, but I'm trying a couple.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I wanted to post a bird photo

.... for the group I used to visit and hang out with .. at Paying Ready Attention.... remember Wild Bird Wednesday? ..

The sun was so pretty this morning very early...and, I tried for a chickadee against that backdrop.  They were so busy flitting in and out of the lilac branches ... I couldn't catch up at all...

This is my reward for trying.....nothing at all really.... little buggers....

I must be totally out of practice.

Aha!!!   finally, something that worked out!  Lemon squares!  hahhahahha........ I'm already practising for the festive season.  MMM.....  these are yummy......

Click to biggify and feel your mouth watering ..... slluurrppp......