Monday, May 28, 2007

No flower sniffing yesterday... just digging..and more digging...

Today is "Equal Opportunity Day". Well, it is on MY blog anway.

Because I make dolls as well as bears...and because my list of bearmakers got soooo long...this week I am putting the dollmakers on the top end of things. Not everybody checks down the long list to see what is hiding under it do they? Nah...I don't think so. ... this week they may see a site that interests them and they can go have a lookie see there instead of the sites they already know so well.

Yesteray was plenty more digging around here... and moving juniper prickly and the skin on my arms and legs is covered with a mass of welts and scratches.... lovely and red and puffy......... from wrists to armpits...and ankles to knees.... Guess most people are kinda sensitive to things like cedar and juniper. Oh, did it sting to get that into hot water at the end of a second hot and dirty day! and the ankle?.... can't even talk about that.... suffice to say...I am changing ice packs about every 20 minutes....just begging and hoping I am not back to square one. I was having some success and was only going to go once this week to physio.... let's see how it goes.

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Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

You've Been Tagged.....
Hope its not your fifth time.