Friday, May 4, 2007

Pin Dolls

Here are some pics of my new little gals I have been fussing with for the show. They are from a pattern by Judy Skeel called Betsy Button Pin Dolls.

She suggests either a small stuffed round or fabric covered buttons. I used the button option and made up several using different flesh colours in the 1.5 inch size. It has become difficult to find that size anymore.

Ever since I took my first doll making class and learned to draw an eye...I have been drawing faces on everything...I love that part of doll making! Then, for these... it is just have fun making up costumes, hats, hair, etc. for each one. Love it.

I still have pins to stitch on the backs and have another doll on the bright oranges... strange, because if anybody were to ask what is NOT my fav colour...I would say orange. But...this is a batik type fabric..with gold streaks as well as odd patches of pinks, yellows and oranges.... more like yummy orange sherbet than an ugly Halloween pumpkin orange, if you know what I mean? and...I found this great trim with longish fluffy type of fibres and dangly beads... on sale too! Love a bargain.... love sparklies..... that's me. My friends say my middle name should be magpie.... perhaps it is not only the could also be that I do go on and on........and sometimes on even further.....hahahahhha

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