Monday, May 21, 2007

started a bear

That is my Mom in the background.. Fergus on the left and two of the other "Leonards"

Okay...listen, I know for a fact that a few people have tiptoed in and out of here ...had a peek into the "Bookcase" ..cuz... it said 42 of you viewed my profile.... well, yes, okay...a few of that count may have been me... but ..people have actually been stopping by...just ever so quietly.........

Funny how I expected them all to say "hi" out loud in the comments area of MY blog isn't it? Like mine is the one that REALLY counts?? Wanting them to let me know they checked me out. Hmmmm... but then I remembered how many blogs I have been visiting lately and ...did I leave messages in all of them? Uhm... no...'course, not.... silly me! However, seeing as how I am patiently waiting to see some comments..just to get the feeling that I am not totally alone...that somebody actually did read a post or two... had a thought about something I said or a pic I posted or hey! anything...... even if it has not yet appeared as a post.... ...from now on I am going to leave at least a "hiya" in every blog I hop in there!

My friend Maggi was here yesterday and guess what? I started a bear!! YUP... finally. First one of 2007. is almost half over and I have only done one or two doll or bear related things. We decided to make Leonard from a pattern of my own. A perfect time to show Pauline, a fellow TTer, what I mean about a cover up.

Meet Leonard the IV.

The haemostats made a small hole through the rayon fabric of his footpad seam when I was pushing them out. Yikes! I got all hot and prickly... you know the feeling when you make a stupid boo boo. First, I cursed,.... berated myself of course.... but, then my husband, clever guy that he is...came up with yet another brilliant suggestion. He always has at least one to offer when I run aground with bears or dolls. Mend the hole..and place some little bug, butterfly, button or something over the area. Perfect!! I did. Now, this Leonard will never leave home, of course,...but, that's great...because he was my 4th Leonard and I still didn't have one of my own. Now...maybe I should poke a hole in the next poodle! Don't have a dog in the curio or the "bearister" either..........


Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica! I love your blog and yes I am one of those 42 people looking around


BumbleVee said...

Hey Heather!... tx for 'fessing up and leaving a "hi"... I just knew somebody was out there. Glad you enjoyed looking around...come back again anytime.