Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another beautiful day

It sure feels like summer...but here in the foothills country we know we are being sucked in a bit still...well.. usually, anyway. This the weekend that people like to put some plants into their pots...and even into gardens. is toooooo early. However, I did buy $80 worth of bedding plants today and they are sitting outside overnight to toughen up a bit. I will check the weather over the next few days and make sure to rush them in if the forecast cooler weather and snow flurries happen.

This is the first weekend that most of the nearby campgrounds open as well...and folks rush to set up for a fun time. Every year it seems there is frost on the tents.. it rains... sleets..snows... etc. Lots of them come home by Saturday afternoon....forget roughing it 'til Sunday in parkas and toques. Our neighbours bought a brand new trailer this year..forget roughing it in a little tent trailer for them ever again. Now they can be toasty warm and dry no matter the weather.

More physio today...the foot was so bad for a few hours afterwards that a person begins to wonder if it is the wrong thing to be doing. The pain seems to be moving around it doesn't hurt as much to step down..but to lift my foot up is a real problem. There is a sharp tweaking type of pain right across the instep between the ankle bone bumps. I was having trouble making myself step forward as it was painful enough to make me gasp with each step for awhile. It felt like the foot weighed about 60 lbs. and was going to drop off right at the ankle area. Whew.... finally that subsided and now it is just back to normal pain that I have been having since February. Greg's theory is that I will appreciate being healthy even more so when it finally happens. Hmmm... after months of this... one begins to wonder if it will happen.

Well, it is eyes are tired and feel so dry....I need to a lot more water than I do.

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