Monday, May 14, 2007

movin' on.....

It was too rainy yesterday to go into the garden. But.... today!! A beautiful sunny one with brilliant blue skies. Feels great after gloomy old yesterday. And look Mom! found some of your favourites! Brought them in to brighten my kitchen.

I'm sure most kids did the same.... bouquet of dandelions for Mom........ along with a few snitched from a neighbour's garden, seeing as for years we had only tumbleweeds in our front yard.

This beautiful little vase is an antique that I inherited from my aunt who brought it with her from England. Apparently it is somewhere around 200 years old; imagine that..... .. and for all those years it survived intact. One day I found a blind dog wandering around outside and brought it into the house while I tried to track down owners. One wag of its fluffy tail and my dainty little antique vase bounced right off a table onto the floor...note the one missing "toe"..... how could I scold a blind doggie? Not going to happen.

Now it is time to seal the grout on the bathroom floor.... must put in the window screen I can open the window a lot wider. Got a major rager of a headache yesterday with it only open a crack.

Time to move on with this day..... time for second coffee and almost time for second breakfast! No more lallygagging.

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