Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pincushion Tutorial

My little Mochi

That is the name of the site where I found this cute little wrist pincushion tutorial. Check it out. Fun, quick and easy.

Still hobbling around on this painful foot. Haven't seen the doctor again..but the message to the physio guy said... Xrays apparently show nothing other than what the radiologist calls a " small ankle effusion". I still need that explaining to my satisfaction. In dictionary terms it means a "pouring out"... but that hardly seems right in this case. ... better get on the 'net..

Last night it was swollen at the ankle on the outside of the foot.... sheesh...now something we can actually see.... who needs any more surprises? Not even going to ask what next? don't wanna know!

So, my days go by in a blur of hurry up to get the last of the tiles sealed; run... (ahahhaha.... what am I saying?) that would be *hobble* off painfully to the physio guy; get home to make supper; try to do a few things that I should have done during the day while I was out doing my slightly torturous stuff at the physio clinic....etc.... then..all of a sudden it is midnight. As it is now.

I better hit the sack....the guys are coming bright and early to do the first part of the installation of the shower glass!! Yesss!! It is beginning to come together now.

Well, there is still a ways to go alright, but at least now it will look more like a bathroom and the shower will be operational. The first week in June it will be a full year since we began this renovation. We thought the last project was a long time... it was only 6 months. But.... we are doing well. We have friends who can't hang a light fixture without talking about divorce.

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