Friday, May 2, 2008

I found some "spring"...

I saw a little bit of beautiful colour.... wondered what it was..... and walked over from the driveway to check it out. Spring has sprung! Or at least one little handful of dainty flowers has. I am not even really sure what they are...but have decided it is a tiny clump of violets...... growing up from between some paving stones in the back yard.

That did it. Got on some old duds and hurried out while it was still a balmy +12C . This year I can do my own raking and tidying....Wasn't too impressed with the guys I hired last year... (last summer I had a cast on for most of it) .... wheeeeee.... had a great time mowing, raking... bagging up a bunch of old dead leaves and twigs. There is still plenty to do...but already it looks about 900% better than it did 4 hours ago. I should have quit already.... still have to bake and now it is time to think about something for supper...but .... all in all a great day in the yard.


Little Blue Violet said...

Hooray! So happy spring has made it's way north. Vee, I am working on getting my act together and packing your gift to send. I'm eyelash deep in a bit of a mess here and with my short attention span...well, please bear with me.

Anonymous said...

Hullo Veronica! :D

Its been in the 85F and up range here lately. You are always welcome to come to Florida for vacation :D


Vee said...

Yes, Vee, when we get to our great old age, we must be careful lest we pull a muscle. I work in the yard for 15 minutes at a time. That's it. I might return in a half an hour to do another 15, but my old bod can't take it any more.

Wonderful the way it looks, though. I'm all about instant gratification!

The little violets are so pretty. Interesting that they're wild and growing up through a crack in the walk. They look as if they deserve a place of honor.