Monday, May 26, 2008

Sick days....

I quietly entertained myself.... browsing lovely rooms while my poor sweetie was sick.

Two full days down and out. He woke up Saturday with a pounding headache, horrible fever, chills and aching all over..totally nauseous... sore throat.... man, he had the works. He could hardly move much less hold up his head. He spent a miserable day...and nothing I could do for him really ... just had to encourage him to drink and wait it out.

and then ...... he seemed to perk up noticeably... what can it have been? Certainly not a virus..or he wouldn't feel almost back to normal this quickly. very strange.....

Today, he said he felt well enough to put on the plywood backing for the laundry room wall. I kept saying that we should just do a little bit today. But, then, he wanted to pull out the old flourescent lights... which we did. I mentioned that it was probably enough. Then ... we "plumb-bobbed" (is that a word?) to find our marks on the joists for hanging straps for a suspended ceiling. ... and some wiring ran too close to where we wanted it... so we began to pull it out to move it. Discovered it was running into and out of some useless unattached box hidden up inside the already finished ceiling of the landing area. Brother...some of the things we have been finding in our renovation projects. Anyway... pulled out all of it... found we could totally remove one long run of it and just run it directly to the light switch for the laundry room. Can't figure out why the original electrician did what he did...but gained another circuit ...yet again. We did that with several when we did the bathroom. Not that we will ever need them...but there they are.... and more hours whizzed past.

Love it............... what caption should we give this one? .......


Linda Fleming said...

So sorry to hear your fella was sick- hope he is all over what ever it was that knocked him down.
You sound like us- the renovation never ends- one thing leads to another. I'm ready to sell and move into a brand new condo that needs nothing done to it-LOL! Of course we won't, as it looks like we are here for the long haul.

Gina said...

My M is down with the flu at the a bear with a sore head..he still brought his laptop home from work and plodded away though! Your reno's are moving along much of the work isn't seen in the final result but you will appreciate the improvements even more knowing what you went through to get there. Gx

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

This pic is a warnin like wun I hav to ishoo to peepol sumtimes-

"I may be cewt but I can do feroshuss too so watch owt!"



Sorry yor Luvbug waz ill. Hope it wassent the cold virus that Mummy had in April, cos she is still gettin sor throats an hedaykes from that, an she haz had lots ov my-graines, wich she had never had befor ever!

Mummy told me to arsk yu if it waz "man flu" in yor cayse. But I think she is bein cheeky.

MightyMom said...

ummmm, looks like a man to me heeheehe

Thursday is coming

Vee said...

When he recovers, he recovers! Tackling all that fresh out of a sickbed?! Wish I had that kind of energy.

this is my patch said...

What a hero to get straight out of his sick bed on to the DIY! x

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for having the guts to comment in my entry, posting the threatening email I received. I could post MY entire side, of this saga. I could.

But that would be prolonging the Drama.

I figure that just simply posting the *interesting* threatening email, and letting all of "Pretty Blog Land" have the opportunity to read it... Is quite enough. >,-)))

Those reading it, have the brains to form their own conclusions. ,-)

Now, so sorry about hubby and whatever he had. Dang-it! Will these 'bugs' or whatever they are, never cease?!? Used to be, spring got rid of 'em. Now anymore. -sighhhhhhhhh-