Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'ze bizeeee

Nose down... well, noses all over the place actually.... in an attempt to get some of these guys finished! Too many on the go!

After not having done a bear at all for almost 2 years.... it seems I have forgotten everything I learned about bear making. Oh, alright... maybe not every single thing...but it sure seems like it.

I have been doing just dolls for all of that time...and now it seems I am having trouble retrieving information from those neglected files in the back corner of the darkened recesses. It took me over an hour the other day to get two simple little beads into position on Cedrick the II ...

First.. I had to pick and choose for some time just to find two the same size. They come on strings of 100 and even though they look pretty similar.. when you get them on the face..aaack!! nowhere near! Then... even with test eyes... getting them to be exactly on the same line opposite each other..not an easy task either. Then... tying them off and trying to sink them just that bit more... broken threads even when using button thread? trying off another only to discover that somehow it loosened when I buried the thread. Of course,... the ever popular.. just get the tip of the thread into the almost invisible hole of the bead and all of a sudden it pops into the air from the palm of my hand.. lands on the floor and rolls.. it is hardwood.......gotta find it so we don't step on it and scratch the heck out of the floor!! That was part of the ongoing renos at the "money pit". Just had them refinished a few years ago. So... some unladylike scrambling around on my stomach searching for it and wondering how there could be so much dust that I don't notice from my rather diminutive height of 5' 2"..... hmmmm... my eye sight is definitely going as well. Last ditch effort before the vacuum cleaner... jump out of my slippers and try the barefoot search... aha!! gotcha! and..ouch....

Then... ears.... why on earth do they take so darn long to get on? Finally I resorted to the method given me by a doll maker for getting a head onto a body easier and with less stitching..aha again!! Great idea Judy! Thanks. Works for bears ears too.

Somehow the noses were the only thing that I did not forget.. I am happy to report that so far all of the noses turned out great! One small blessing for sure.

Onward with my task... today I am going to finish my second Bichon. I only ever made one and that was several years ago. My poodles all sold and I didn't even have one for myself to show anybody or to look at in my curio cabinet. So.. when I tried a Bichon... and he turned out cute... I kept it. Now.. finally the second one is about to be born. I wonder if I can remember anything about making one of those. So far... bits and pieces..he is the white guy at the back in the pic.


Folksie Linda said...

Don't feel alone Vee, it takes me forever to get anything done and remember where I put something.. huh... it drives me crazy!!!
Hugs, Linda

Unknown said...

Ah, you sound like me with the ears Vee! Even the small ones seem like they take forever!