Monday, September 3, 2007

It's Monday ... already!

ahem....well, now it is Tuesday! arrgghhh........ how time flies when you are having fun ... or even when you're just busy doing whatever!

... the mini Dahlia

and Portulaca surrounded by a Million Bells

The weekend was a total loss doll-wise ...but. ... got some window washing and frame painting accomplished. That was imperative as the wood on the lower sill was begging for some help.

Lotus Doll is not nearly done ... but hopefully she will be by the Sept. 14 deadline. Still working on how to pose her... getting legs the right size for her body.... etc. I always seem to be flying by the seat of my pants with designing anything of my own. Actually, even when I use a pattern, it seems I tend to do that. I always want to change things and then of course, don't really know what I am doing with most of it, so it is a bit of a guessing game. Also, I like my dolls to be sort of slim looking and tall enough not to appear "squat" once I dress them. So.. it does take a bit of fiddling to get it right. I prolly mentioned somewhere along the way, I am painfully slow at bears and dolls. Well ... I have decided I must be pretty "picky" .. but I have to do things a certain way and therefore... it takes me a long time. I love to play with pretty trims too ... so..lots of time choosing just the right colours, textures, shapes, etc...for final adornment. What can a person is just the way I am. Popeye's favourite...I am what I am... or is it, I yam what I yam?

Here is a beauty from the Chiu Chow opera cast....if only I could make a doll as beautiful as she........

I have been taking plenty of pics too, because I want to eventually show the progression of how I made her. The funny thing is that I wanted to do a bit on finger turning, but Judy Wellnitz beat me to it just last week little blurb will not offer any more than Judi said or did because her video said it all......but sometimes even a few more pics can help somebody. My hands are ultra tiny compared to the ones she I will also include some extra encouragement...hahhaha..... or maybe just some new swear words.

I checked on the site for colours that have been used for the Lotus entries so far and even though there are only two...they are both red. I, too, initially bought some beautiful red and gold brocade...but when I saw that ... well, I went right out and looked for a different colour. colours are turquoise and gold ~~~ the least I can do is add a bit to the artful showing of the entries by offering my lady in a different colour.


Ruth said...

Thought it was high time I popped over ! Wow Vee , the colours you chose for the doll are gorgeous and so sumptuous ! I know just what you mean about fiddling back and forth with trims ; I can never rush my decisions either - going slowly/picky is the only way that works for me too ! I can't wait to see the "progression" photos . I know next to nothing about art dolls so I'm looking forward to the education , plus the pic has really intrigued me :0)
Mini Beary Hugs , Ruth

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Vee, Love the turquoise and gold... turquoise is a very popular color right now too. I am sure your doll will be spectacular.. can't wait to see her put together!! Yeah! Hugs, Folksie Linda

BumbleVee said...

Hi ladies....

oh, everybody is waiting for "her..... I better make this good@!

I would cross all my toes and fingers if I could...but ... that is another story... along with my wrecked foot, I have now seriously damaged my baby toe as well. The stupid thing is I did it to myself with massaging and stretching it out.... oh, brother, I can't even tell it... just makes me angry with myself.... sigh........