Friday, September 28, 2007

Found her!!

Well, in actuality, I found two "hers". I was originally looking for Katy Keene when I happened on the other paper doll blog .... because she was my pin up paper doll as a kid. I had mentioned her on a few occasions and absolutely nobody had ever heard of her! How can that be? I was sure she was not a figment of my vivid imagination, so I went searching. I can't understand why, in the past, when I searched, I could find nothing about her ..... but this time ... hahahha ... found plenty. This time I Googled her; and, here she is!

Miss Katy Keene .... we used to buy comic books with her in and cut them up... there were also some uncolured outfits for her, which we did to our own tastes ... and we even designed more outfits for her from our imagination. I haven't a clue what I really did with her except walk her around on the kitchen table as though it were a fashion runway .... wearing "my" creations.

So, then on my bloghopping ... and I admit I went searching, because it bugs me that I found something once and can't find it again! Yes .. it does! The other night, I was on a paper crafting type blog, because I also like to do things with pretty papers ... .... and noticed in the sidebar list of blogs that 3 appeared in a different colour font. Hmmm.. never really noticed that before. Okay, so learned something else ... I must be a bit slow with the 'puter end of things. Well, I am and I freely admit it. so, anyway, back to my story .... I clicked on one and recognized it immediately as a site I had looked at previously. So, went back to the blog again and visited another called Georgia Peachez
Instantly recognized it as the one I was searching for. Hah! Don't ya love when it all falls into place? Even if it is just a bit of blog sleuthing. Check out all the little dresses they made.