Thursday, August 2, 2007

It's midnight....

my eyes iz tired .... they iz so dry feeling I can hardly blink! too much poodle trimming ..... or too much looking at this computer printing out hang tags and just doing "stuff" for the Bear Show.

By this time tomorrow night I hope I am sound asleep.... and by Saturday night at this time it will all be over and we will wonder what the heck all the fuss was about I am sure.

Next week, I am not even looking at bears or dolls or anything related to either of them. I am cleaning up my Disaster Zone; cooking some decent meals: doing some baking; and taking some down time.

Immediately following which, I better make a start on the Lotus Doll Challenge which I have entered on Doll Street. That should be a fun one. I will have less than a month to do it. Arrgghhh... pressure...once again! Hahahahahahhah....ooooh.... I must be crazy! Oh, well, who has more fun than crazy people?

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Folksie Linda said...

Oh Good Luck at your show Vee, I am sure you will do well! I hope after it is over with.. you get some well deserved rest! Hugs, Linda