Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's a wrestling match. I am now working in my "new" space... and it is still a bit awkward. Forget to take things in there with me and have to trot right back out to get them. So... keep moving a few more things into the room. Seems I had bits and pieces in waaaay too many nooks and crannies and am still finding them as I need to use them..which is a lot of "upping" and "downing" so far. In and out of my chair.

The other thing that is a wrestling match is trying to glue some fabric onto the clay face that I have made for the new doll. I do want it to have a bit of stretch...but too much is not good either... and the only choices I have right now for fabric are ... really stretchy and slightly ribbed T-shirt type material...or ... stretch poplin... feels as strong as the strongest spandex to me. I want to try colouring it a bit...wonder if it will tea dye? Don't know...must give it a try tonight.

I want to have the face ready to draw on by tomorrow.....

Okay...have to tell you about this silly chicken. It is a stuffed toy that was in a huge collection of "stuffies" that my brother gave me when my sis and I visited him in July. He had bags of them that he was going to toss and I said I would be more than happy to take them off his hands as I like to do dozens of Christmas Shoeboxes. I got involved with the shoeboxes years ago and still love to do them each year. Anyway.... remember those little cranes they used to have at the fairgrounds?..... and also it appears in cheesy little the one in a tiny town near where he lives...and he got dozens of the toys out of their machine over the years. Now..he is downsizing..... we were looking through them all and he took the chicken over to where his own chickens were pecking around..leaned it against the post and left it. I had to sprint for my camera. They figured it out pretty quickly ........ by the time I got back, only one of 4 chickens was still checking out the new kid on the block...but they looked!


Anonymous said...

Hi Veronica,

I recognize the chicken, since I was there that fun day. It is still a good laugh!!

BumbleVee said...

Hey Vik..... that WAS funny wasn't it. Say, what happened to our white chicken anyway? Did we forget the poor guy there or what?