Monday, August 13, 2007

Well, it has been a very pleasant week. No deadlines ... no creating ... just lots of cleaning, tidying, re-organizing and re-arranging. My craft stuff is now all in one craft room@! Let's see how long that lasts! I can actually see my kitchen table.

Tomorrow I still have a bit more to do with the other storage space now that I have moved so much "stuff".... and then...I begin the new doll. Let's hope I have not short changed myself on time.....

Still have not had "show and tell" with little Kait yet! A micro mini by Edie Barlishen. She is my treasure from the bear show ... the first time I have actually seen one of Edie's bears in person. ~~p.s ~~ forgot to say that she is completely jointed; which means her head, arms and legs all move! My friend Kim, of Shonki Bears ... who got me started making bears ... says we always have to buy at least one bear at every show we attend. Whether we attend as a vendor or as a collector. I remember how she had trouble buying only I just know that could be a problem for me too Kim.

There are so many great bears, large and small, to see and hold. It is the "holding" that does you in. Trust me. Once you hold "it"?? ... you know what I am talking about .... once you hold "the one" ? .... once you hold "IT" in your hand ? .. you are done for!

And, in actuality ..... who collects bears more so than other bear makers? As a matter of fact...who, other than a bear maker, will ever understand the subtleties of stitching them; of turning the tiny bits; of attempting to embroider the perfect nose; choosing just the right eyes; sculpting or shading? Struggling with them; and finally having that amazing little face show up that melts your heart and actually makes you say "awwwww" ....... right out loud, to nobody in particular but yourself.

She is only just over one inch seated and not as big as Leonard's foot.

Posie, the pink needle felt, is "bearly" 1 3/4" tall and looks huge by comparison. Kait is very tiny!


Sharon's Place said...

Vee :o)) Loved all your works and I do agree those 2 wee bears do look a bit like the old guys from the Muppets!! LOL The faces on your dolls are fabulous I only wish I could be as talented!! look forward to seeing what else you come up with :o)) Hugs,

BumbleVee said...

hey Sharon...welcome to the blog, stop by anytime. Looking forward to seeing yours underway... I wanna check out your "felties".